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Isn't he gorgeous? I think this telescope dates to the early 19th c.--late Georgian--he is in fairly good shape. Roberto will polish the mahogany tripod and I'll polish the brass scope which has some dings, but still handsome.
I previewed a lot of items on Wednesday--but didn't buy what I thought I would--just went by the seat of my pants (sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't).
Here's what I didn't buy:

I arrived too late for this wonderful beast's head

Wasn't in love with these tables the second time around--but probably should have bought them anyway.

 She seemed was too grandmotherly at the block.

These guys were great, but not that old and I have a lot of trunks--probably should have bought them anyway.

I'd already spent my wad when this super early 19th c. papier mache tray table came up.

Now, I did not go home empty handed. I just had to have this bunch of stuff (and it's all just stuff):

I love the deep emerald tone of these vessels--and a pair! 

Japanese stacking tables in this condition are not that common--wish there had been more of the stack. (Some adults still haven't learned to be responsible for their trash!!)

I love abstract sculptures--this one was calling to me, and he is big and HEAVY.

African stools are great Boho Chic decorating elements

This Venetian Style settee had kept it's original dated label--January 1931. It's had to believe that the upholstery still looked this good 85 years later.
Lalo has already picked her up to be upholstered in a dark gray 100% Lee Jofa linen.

I can never resist unique children's chairs--these actually French chauffeuses that date to the mid-19th c.--they'll get cushion of midnight blue silk velvet.

I didn't bid on the great Regency Tray Table, but I did manage to bring this one home. It has a wrought iron base and a bit of flaking to the rolled edge of the tray--but won't it make a super Boho Chic decorating element? I think it's about 30"+ in width--coffee table perfect.

These guys are mid-century French moderne. I can't decided if they are great or just a bit ugly. The high backs are beautifully carved walnut and (I think) the vintage upholstery is Scalamandre (?) cut velvet--I'll keep it. Another Boho Chic element?

It has been scorching here: 100* in Pasadena; 80* here at the beach. I'm sure that you have guessed where I have decided to lay low.
Hopefully, these temps do not signal a chart topping summer swelter. Global warming is definitely real. And for the Presumptive Nominee of the Republican Pary (what a mouthful): CALIFORNIA IS IN THE MIDDLE OF A SEVERE DROUGHT--STILL!
I think we still have a couple of really hot days left--hopefully we will return to clear, cooler California days--it's not supposed to warm up until August.

Blessing for the week!
Mary & Jones & Cole

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