Thursday, June 30, 2016

TELESCOPE UPDATE and a bit more.......... details, details, details

Well, you would think I had never bought any antique pieces; you would think I don't know enough so as to examine all the details. Well, apparently not.
I sold the telescope immediately. It was going to New York after being polished (by me). It was going (was being the operant word) to New York. When I realized that I needed to check out the optics, I was in for a big surprise: the optics are completely blocked, ie. you can't see through the telescope. Oh well--live an learn. I think the scope came from a prop warehouse (there are lots of them here in LA) and props only need to look good........
Sales have been good; so maybe some one will pop in wanting a gorgeous telescope that you can't see through--not likely, but you just never know.

Wishing everyone a great 4th of July week-end. We have been incredibly blessed to live in this great nation. It is also our responsibility to ensure the unalienable rights of all who live here. The unalienable rights have never included assault weapons. The unalienable rights were never intended to include bigotry and hate mongering. It is our responsibility to work to replace hate, fear, alienation, bigotry, racial prejudice with acceptance, honoring creation.

Mary, Jones & Cole
(Jones and Cole are terrified of fireworks--and our neighbors started lighting them last week--poor guys)

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