Friday, July 15, 2016


It is just over 24 hours since the unfolding of the tragedy in Nice; just a few hours from the foiled coup in Turkey. Things are not back to normal. But I can still celebrate Thursday's gifts.

I spotted these chairs on Wednesday when I preview my auction. I thought they were super handsome and unique, but I also thought that they would go for a lot more than I would be able to spend......But that is the thing with auctions: you just never know who will be in the room; who will know as much as you do about an item; who will simply not be paying attention; and of course, who is having a cash flow conundrum. The bidding started pretty low; so I waited to come in late. I bid only a couple of times and then the chairs WERE MINE. 
These are pretty amazing chairs: early 20th c. double caned Louis XVI style wing chairs in their original superb French gray/green paint with just the right amount of patina and the caning appears to be in excellent condition (recaning would be an exorbitantly expensive undertaking and a definite no-buy flag). The upholstery isn't too terrible and almost appropriate as it's a neoclassical stripe. I'll probably removed the back cushions as they detract from the curve of the chair back. These chairs can post to 1stdibs without any added investment--they are extremely unique-hopefully, some one will buy them immediately. My guess is that they will go to an East Coast or Southern buyer.
Next up is an English Regency (early 19th c.) chess (or checkers) table.

This little table is all original and untouched. Roberto will tighten it up and replace the small pieces of veneer that have gone AWOL--fortunately, the restoration will be minor. Note the little drawer that holds the game pieces. I love little classic pieces of furniture--they add sparkle to space and make them a lot deeper--and this one can actually be used to play games. Look at those cute toes on the tripod.

I also bought a small antique English 18th c.-style dining table. I usually like to purchase period pieces, but this guy spoke to me. The top is old, probably early 18th c., but the bottom is younger--it also has a great look and is super practical. It would make a great kitchen table or covered porch element. I've sold a lot of tables recently, so I thought I would give this one a whirl.

I didn't sleep very well last night with my thoughts on Nice; so I need to get to bed so I can get up early tomorrow.....I can feel it in my bones that tomorrow will be a banner sales day--wish me luck.

Mary & Jones & Cole 

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