Friday, July 15, 2016


I took this photo this morning--the gloriously blue California beach morning defining the fruiting pomegranate tree in the back yard. I took it before the massacre in Nice. While I still retained a bit of innocence. While the day was still unburdened.
Today's tragedy took me back to when we lived in Bilbao. A time when the Basque Separatist Movement (ETA) was reaching its peek of terrorist activity. A time when our project along the gorgeous Basque Cantabrian Sea was one of the main focal points of ETA's atrocities. I remember so well the feeling of imminent threat; of taking care to scout every place we went. The fear of not knowing when a bomb would go off or the myriad bomb scares--the loss of lives. Some known or even relatives of friends; some--simply unknown, but mourned nonetheless.
France's tragedies, Syria's tragedies, Israel's tragedies, Iraq's tragedies are our tragedies also. The tragedies of our own, as seen in Minnesota, Louisiana and Dallas are so fresh. We are essentially all one. Humanity is grieving and groping for a new paradigm, a new way of conceiving life. 
Isolation will never lead to greater security--a false sense of security--perhaps. We live in an infinitely connected age==the only way forward is through love and compassion. We must also accept the fact that we are responsible, in part, for much of the violence and terrorism that is arising in different sectors of society around the world. For it is only when we accept responsibility for our actions and the resultant consequences can the healing begin, can hope be restored.
My prayer tonight is for courage for all of those affected by these senseless and cowardly acts. A prayer for courage for those of us who care about this world so that we will not to give in to easy, quick-fix, isolationist, hate-filled solutions promulgated by narcissistic individuals who spout empty rhetoric and fear mongering. 
Yes, Mr. Trump, I am directing my words at you. 


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