Thursday, September 8, 2016


I fell in love with this little landscape--it measures a mere 7.5"w x 5.25"h. I love impressionist and post-impressionist paintings. Before 2008, I sold many impressionist and post paintings, but the bottom fell out of that lower middle market with the recession. I think that I'm seeing a resurgence, and I'm going to attempt to prove it with this and other fine smaller painting. This painting is signed at lower left (see photo). On the back there is an inscription that reads "The Collection of Charles Laughton and Eva Lancaster"--not too shabby a provenance in Los Angeles.

so if anyone can decipher the signature, please let me know what you have figured out.
To balance out the traditional classical art piece, I bought this guy

This is an acrylic painting with the detail picked out in high relief. It's fun and my daughter really loves it, but she not getting it this time.

Marcos came on Tuesday to give me an estimate to repair the tip of the obelisk. He took one look at the smaller pair of obelisks and said: the border and base are not marble; they are TORTOISE.  I would never buy anything with new tortoise inlay, but 40 year old tortoise inlay I can manage. Not only that, I raised the price of those puppies by over $2000........I'm a very lucky girl. I had thought that the outlining looked a bit like tortoise, but really didn't think it could be due to cost to manufacturer.....I guess that I was wrong.
We have had the most glorious weather: mid-70s and low humidity with cooler nights. (September is usually a scorcher) Even the fires have not been so bad this year--I hope this continues through the end of October and then (hopefully) on to the rainy season and we need lots of rain. Prayer time.

Have a wonderful end of the week.
Mary & Jones & Cole.

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  1. Fabulous finds! The landscape painting is charming. I hope you all get lots of rain. We also desperately need it up in Maine. It's been very dry. All of the wild blueberries are shriveling up.