Monday, September 5, 2016


I fell in head-over-heels in love with this English Silver plated wine bucket last Thursday. The rams heads combined with the beautiful casting and hand chasing make this Victorian silver piece a stand out. Here are a couple of detail photos.

I used to sell quite a bit of old silver, but have slipped away from it as it has been slightly out of fashion. This bucket is inspiring me to maybe bring in some great silver pieces. That ram is so handsome.

I was able to bring home some nice pieces on Thursday--I didn't get very attached to anything before the auction; so it was easy to be available for what presented itself. Here are a couple of sleepers that I love.
The Chinese Coromandel panel is wonderful. The antique coromandel panel is set within a newer frame--I'm thinking of turning it into a coffee table--I think chinoiserie is making a come-back. The gilt scene is beautifully detailed and the lacquer itself has acquired just the right amount of patina.

Next up is a William IV (c. 1830-35) Canterbury in Rosewood. The front of the canterbury is well carved with scrolling decorations and it has the rare design with all of the separations incorporating handles into their frames. Roberto won't have to do anything much to it--just a bit of wax as the finish and the small brass casters are in very good condition.

I bought two pairs of these tessellated marble and brass inlaid obelisks. These guys usually go for a lot of money at auction; so I must have been the only one that was paying attention. One pair is a large 25" tall; the second pair is 20". The second pair suffered a bit of barely visible damage to one point, but I think it is still good. Although I didn't know it when I bought the obelisks, they were made by Maitland-Smith in the late 70s or early 80s which is a huge especially when you go to sell a branded piece.


This beautiful hand printed cotton panel is an unfinished obi-- a truly stand alone artistic textile. I'm debating weather to turn the length into pillows or to display as is. 
I'll be posting additional Thursday treasures.
Have a wonderful week.
Mary, Jones & Cole

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