Tuesday, August 30, 2016


It's been almost 3 weeks since my last post and I don't know where to start.........so I'll start with the best news

Mia had her six month check up at St Jude's Children's Hospital in Memphis last week and all of the tests and the MRI came back with 100% improvements scores. The photo was taken yesterday with her "Auntie Dao" (my gorgeous daughter) after her Hula Dance Recital. Of course, Mia had to be the center of attention during her dances and assumed the role of teacher telling the other tots what they needed to do next....I wonder what she'll be like as a teenager? A bit bossy is my guess. 
Business has been great (keeping my fingers crossed) which means that I get to buy. I was picking up at "my" auction today when I spotted this stunning and quite rare Chinese Coromandel Settee. I have never seen one quite like this example. The lacquer work is to die for (literally)--I would guess that this settee dates to c. 1880-1900. The condition is excellent--I know that it will go for a lot of $$$ and the Chinese buyers will be lined up.

All I can say about this stunner is: "Rose Tarlow eat your heart out."--I mean it in the most complementary way as Rose Tarlow uses this style of decoration on her Chinoiserie pieces.
This brings me to exactly what I have been buying. Remember the pair of 18th c. Tuscan Demi-Lune Trestle Consoles that I blogged about?

 Well, to continue in that vein and because they needed a little brother, I brought home this little late 17th c. Spanish (and Spanish pieces are my favorites) trestle table. The photos speak for themselves

The table has had a bit of restoration over its nearly 350 years of life and there is deep patination to the surface and shrinkage cracks plus a couple of losses to the top which only makes it richer (in my opinion). The last photo shows the under side of the top, revealing its hand hewn timber. After sitting on cold damp floors for hundreds of years, the ends of the table legs deteriorated and some silly person simply trimmed off about 3" from the ends of the legs; so the table is a little short. I haven't decided whether to "tip" the legs to their original height or leave the table as is. We'll see. I love the little wood diamonds that were used to help secure the large square nails to the top.

I went shopping with my friend Darren Ransdell of Darren Ransdell designs last Monday--so next up I'll describe some of the fantastic items at the renown Blackman Cruz design store and attempt to give just a hint of the ethereal interiors of the space.
For now, it's time to go to bed as I need to be on the road bright and early tomorrow.

Prayers for Our Nation--maybe we be wise.

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Thanks Mary for sharing all the Good News!!

    1. Hi Sharon. I'll be calling you with more updates. xoxoxo Mary

  2. Did Mia have an MRI with contrast? I have had many MRI's so I am bowing down in praise for Mia to have gotten through this type of testing! Mia, beautiful girl, you are my hero!!!!!

    1. Mia is our No. 1 miracle. She was diagnosed with a tumor and cyst sitting on her pituitary and optic nerve when she was 2 1/2. After two brain surgeries, 2.5 months of proton radiation and since then, much supplementation of hormones (pituitary does not function) she is living the life of a normal soon-to-be six year old. Happy, resilient, flirty and smart. Thank you so much for your comment and care. Have a great day. Mary