Monday, January 9, 2017


I listened to Michelle Obama's last speech with a heavy heart and tears cascading. I am so grateful for the example that she and President Obama have set for us and our children. Courage, hope and love of country are just a few of the descriptions that apply to this amazing partnership that has blessed the last eight years. Certainly, there were decisions made that would not have been mine; however, The Obamas honored us by representing our country with grace, integrity, forthrightness and courage. Michelle's last speech was a call for us to honor our country, never loosing hope in the future that can be won by embracing strength of character, courage and integrity.
When I read Seth Godin's blog post of this morning I realized that Seth had outlined the path and mindset that are needed to achieve the goals proposed in Michelle Obama's Last Speech. I'm quoting Seth's post below:

More creating
less consuming

More leading
less following

More contributing
less taking

More patience
less intolerance

More connecting
less isolating

More writing
less watching

More optimism
less false realism

My aim is to wake up every morning with these guide lines running in my head. Reminding me that I can set my intentions for the day with the goal of contributing to the creation of a world where every individual truly has the rights given to us by The Constitution--a world in which we bring into existence, what is now simply an aspiration, true equality. We live in a world where the simple act of changing a personal mindset to a more positive stance can have an impact on the outcome of any situation.

Thank you for reading this blog and allowing me to voice my hope for all of us.

Mary, Jones & Cole

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