Sunday, January 15, 2017



I think that the tails of woe of this gorgeous Robsjohn-Gibbings for Widdicomb chest and its restoration/lacquering journey could fill two spiral bound notebooks.....but I'll make it short and sweet: I sent the chest back to the restorer twice and it took a total of 7 months to get this piece to the level of lacquer work that it called for. I can be extremely patient, but when I discovered that the restorer had taken off for Costa Rica without  finishing my chest, I nearly lost it with him. Fortunately, phone reception was really bad in Costa Rica; so the communication of my extreme displeasure went by text and was a bit toned down, considered and measured. I am more than convinced that the wait was worth the outcome. People are ooing and ahhhhhing over him. To protect him, I have encircled the chest with other pieces and marked him "DO NOT TOUCH, PLEASE".

And now for the restored Northern Italian games Table

Roberto and I worked diligently to get this little girl completed. She has been taken apart, put back together, fumigated (see prior post), and finally, Roberto restored the marquetry and gave her a beautiful hard paste wax finish. Just look at those sexy legs and the beautiful marquetry and penwork..... 

She appears to retain most of her original finish which is the reason for leaving her unstripped and with the blemishes that can only be removed if the surface were to be "skinned"--a no-no.
Despite the many ups and downs and miles of patience for both of these restorations, I am very grateful. I love the feeling of seeing a job well-done.

The inauguration (all in small sad letters) is Friday and I will follow the lead of John Lewis and Barbara Lee and others: I will not be attending or watching any of it on TV. There is a lot of work to be done to return our country to the spirit of good governance and I fully intend to be a part of that effort.
Ivanka Trump boasted that her father had confidence in her because she made decisions "in a considered manner"--phhleeeease, I think most of us make decision in that manner. Does that qualify me to be a presidential advisor? I think not. Nepotism anyone?

Well, Jones is calling, time for bed.

Blessings for the week.
Mary & Jones & Colee

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