Sunday, January 22, 2017


Of course, this was not my first consideration when thinking about yesterday's march---but it is so appropriate for all of us in the design business. What is Trump's decor going to look like??? GOLD PLATED EVERYTHING. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

This is what makes me proud

I wish I could have marched--but am having "band aid" back surgery next month...... not quite in marching form just yet.
The estimates of the massive numbers of walkers just keep going up. With this number of people coming together with the purpose of raising their voices for justness, there will most certainly be a shift in our collective consciousness. We all need to keep focused on the goal of maintaining our hard won freedoms; preventing a narcissistic man and his cronies from having an impact on our rights. I know that it is possible--with discipline, love of country and neighbor and courage.

Thank you for letting me get on my soap box.



  1. Bravo...Amen to quashing the delusional despot and cronies. All this drama from his White House against the Press is a ruse to to deflect TRUTH for everybody has read the dossier from the premier spy of MI6 on Russia and Trump Trolls...of course they are gearing up to silence the Press for they want their small base of deplorables to be at the militia ready for a possible split in our nation, more so than ever as he is dismantling our government into chaos...I hope OUR MILITARY, don't take his orders when he creates a threat within to deploy them against US...PUTIN IS HAPPY.

    1. Thanks for the note. I am in complete agreement with you. I do trust in the Power of The People when we united as one against a foreseen evil. I also trust the democratic process--we just haven't seen what is going on behind closed doors.