Friday, January 27, 2017


I can't believe that I hesitated to buy this amazing set of corner stacking tables, but I did. I put it on hold; then took the tables off hold. A week later--silly me was still debating.......but I bought them this week. Of course, they were not displayed assembled; so I couldn't really tell how impressive they truly are. And they are in excellent condition with only a small area of rubbing at one corner!! The tables are attributed to Roe Kaisin, a Korean/American designer-artist and date to c. 1975-1980.
Usually, it's "he who hesitates is lost," but not this time--the tables just waited for me. I posted this photo to my instagram account and I had 90 "likes" in under an hour--now the likes are at 100!! That's the most likes that I've had (so far) on Instagram--my instagram account is MJH Design Arts in case you are interested.
I don't have an inch to spare---so instead of furniture (my passion), I'm buying "smalls"... this charming bronze/brass Serengeti tree sculpture showed up and came home

The detail is great and it appears to be in very good condition. I don't know who made it and there aren't any distinguishing marks that I can find, but I love it anyway.
Lately, I've been drawn to tribal or ethnic pieces--perhaps this is simply a facet of my love of rustic 17th and 18th c. European pieces where you can feel the soul of the creator emerging. I bought this beautiful African tribal necklace on stand at "my auction." I love the counterpoint and balancing of energy when pieces like this are placed with more refined pieces--even 18th c. French pieces.

Hmmmmm--I'm looking at the photos carefully. It looks like there are three necklaces, but on one stand. It won't be problem to have three more stands fabricated. Lucky me!!
Last summer, I bought an elephant head table that needed a considerable amount of restoration--but I thought I would take the risk. When I got it home and really studied the table, I realized that the elephant heads were not carved wood, but rather composition--so I immediately poo-pooed (sp?) the table and left it in the garage......... Thank goodness I didn't discard the table--while I was roaming around 1stdibs last week, I found my table and discovered that these tables are selling like hot-cakes right now

This is what the table looked like upside-down in the garage--as you can see, the tusks have been broken off and one leg needs work. The new tusks are being carved & leg fixed; then the table will go to be stripped and a few coats of off-white lacquer applied. This lacquer will not be the piano lacquer of the Robsjohn-gibbings chest, but a matte unpolished surface and the table will look something like this console by the same designer

On another note: I've been busy this week. I discovered that Credo Action--(do a Google search) has a platform where Credo has an automatic dialing system setup to call senators and congressmen. I am able to make about 10 call in only 3 mins. Now that is an easy way to have a voice in government policy. So I've made lots of calls; sent many emails; signed petitions and given $$ to organizations fighting to preserve our rights and stay connected to others.

Sending blessings for the week-end.
Mary & Jones & Cole