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After many years of not applying to be a Dealer on 1stdibs--I finally did and was accepted right off the bat!! Many of my items have been listed on 1stdibs by third parties over the past 11years---but it does feel great to have my own "little" shop. 
So I have been busy loading my items to the 1stdibs site over the past few days--and it is not a quickly executed task--items, photos, descriptions, etc. have to be just right. The MJH Design Arts page should be functional Wednesday afternoon..... please take a look.
Now on to the really important (not) things in life...... I showed this photo to my last post--

I knew that it was a set of tribal necklaces, woven steel wire(?) and perhaps from Africa. But I couldn't find any African pieces that looked like it. So I expanded my search. What I discovered was that the neck pieces were a true gift: they are a set of early 20th c. Miao Hmong SILVER neck ornaments. I've just learned that the Hmong are a minority ethnic tribe located in the southern mountains of China and who have migrated into Southeast Asia. My neck pieces date to the early 20th c. and are woven of silver wire that is 60% silver and 40% alloys of copper, zinc and nickel. Here are some close-ups

I have already had quite a bit of interest in them--we'll see what happens. My joy is the discovery and journey to uncover the unexpected truth of an item.


My dearest Friend-In-Arms, Missy, just sent me this twitter shot.  It's perfection. Alternate facts = lies. How could anyone (let alone a government official) create a MASSACRE?  The only answer is that her/their playbook is taken directly from North Korea. It's too far fetched for even Putin.

Anyway, Jones and I are off to Pasadena. To sell, sell, sell.  I'm doing deals as January was a bit slow and I have tons of new inventory with no room to put it. Wish me luck. Text, email or call me if you see any thing that tickles your fancy..... ('m doing deals just until I make enough room for the new pieces.

Happy Sunday!!

Mary, Jones & Cole

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