Friday, July 21, 2017


Yesterday, I ran through the Auction Preview and this gorgeous toile caught my eye. I call this Flag Blue, but don't think that there is such a color name--so cobalt works, too. The toile graced a pair of

Louis XV-Style sofas or settees. Not only is the toile quality superb, the quality of the upholstery is raised to an art. And the 20th c. sofa frames aren't bad, either.
I think that toile and French furniture is starting to make a come-back after years of being off the radar. I hope so--I've been buying French furniture lately............
Anyway, the sofas will come home next week. They would have come home this week, but......well it's complicated. Especially when an auction has dragged on FOREVER; it's over 90* w/o air conditioning and the auctioneer doesn't do what he usually does. But Don and I worked it out.
I think that the toile is a Pierre Deux --which make it a very pricey example of great upholstery--there is a ton of that gorgeous fabric on the sofas.
A couple other highlights from today--I didn't buy these bronzes, but loved them. The first one is a life-size greyhound which reminds me of Mr. Jones

This Chinese bronze of a puppy with a very tiny frog is exquisite. The detailing is so fine that I can almost see the puppy breathe.

Well, it's off to bed.......need to take fabrics to new pillow maker to start on some pillows from c.1920s Fortuny fabric.

Be well------
Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Love your posts which teach those who need a lesson in a now forgotten world of antiques ...great eye, and keep up the word against Our Oppressive Republican Regime inculcated with Russia. Your prayers are heard. Love these canapés, they are upholstered in a trapunto finish, a most rare quilting technique favored long ago by Haines and other top decorators. Wish I had a place for them for they are swoonworthy

    1. Oh, THANK YOU!! I love beautiful things--especially furniture and textiles. And I love writing this blog. Yes, I will continue to speak out against this administration and all of its flunkies.
      Be well! xoxo Mary