Sunday, July 23, 2017


Just a quickie as Jones & Cole are bugging me about breakfast--CHILDREN!!
After spending 6 hours at auction on Thursday--these guys were the only objects to come home. They were lamps (they will be returned to lamps) at one point as their bottoms are drilled. I'm not sure of their age, but I'm guessing early 20th c. Late Meiji or Taisho?? When I bought them, I thought that I had paid way too much money, but now that I've inspected them and measured their height, I'm pretty sure I did just fine. They are gorgeous--with opposing gilt decoration and perfect condition porcelain.....and a good height of 17" which will bring the total height of the reconfigured lamp bases to about 20"-22" which is perfect when you add a shade of about 11"..........

Business has been great!!! Which means only one thing:  I GET TO GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday--the boys are hungry and obnoxious.

Mary & Jones & Cole

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