Thursday, July 27, 2017


This is how I felt at auction today. It was rough and the bidding went super high on just about every item.
I guess my energy was a bit off, too. Or maybe it was the energy in the room??? Don't really know. I guess some days you are in the flow and some days you. are. not.
But that doesn't mean that I came home empty handed.....I did buy my toile sofas....

And a huge carved Ceylon mirror. But everything else went sky high......and that's the way the cookies crumbles sometimes.
I guess that I'm obsessing about "tt"--the situation has not improved. However, I am so proud that certain GOP Senators are voting their conscience and for their country, instead of blindly going "the party way". I love what John McCain spoke to upon his return to the Senate. The Congress and The President are equal. It is called checks and balances....we need to see those checks in action. We need to get rid of the ignorant bully.
Well, I guess that's it for now.

Mary & Jones & Cole (Cole is showing his age and                                        needs a few prayers)

12 Midnight...........
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! The last effort to destroy the ACA has been defeated.......Senator McCain is even a greater hero tonight.

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