Monday, November 18, 2019


Thursday seemed like it was going to be another (ho-hum) uneventful day at auction---boy was I wrong. The Chinese Hard stone plaque shown below fetched $55,000 plus fees. There were two Chinese groups bidding against each other........

I did not pay any attention to the Plaque at Preview. It just shows that no matter how much you know in this business, there are still pieces about which you are totally ignorant. I had never seen a piece like this, so when the bidding started to escalate past $5000--I started taking notice. Up and up and up went the bidding war. I can't remember if the phone bidder or the group on the floor won out, but at that altitude, it didn't seem to matter. Remember, on top of the bid amount there is a 15% buyers fee. Yikes.
As for me.....well, there was a gorgeous English Secretary Campaign Chest that I really, really, really was not to be. I bid it to the very limit of profitability. Unfortunately, Fred didn't seem to care about his profit margin.

I did not come home empty handed......

This sweet Tuscan bench dates to the end of the 18th century and I was determined to have it---little could I have suspected that no body else would be paying attention and the bench came home for a ridiculously low price point. 

Life at the park next door to my home:

I did a rough count of the Pelicans: there was a small group of 4 (they are usually at Park); there was a larger group of about 12-15; and then there was a huge group of about 24-26 in front of the pond. And no one was fighting or getting their feathers ruffled--i.e., good birds.
And it's off to bed for me!

Mary & Cole

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