Sunday, July 19, 2020



Finally--We were able to buy something really exceptional. Anyone who has read this blog for any period of time knows that I am a certified chair-aholic. I love chairs (the good ones). Can you imagine the stories an 18th century chair could tell? The overheard conversations? The palace or simply family intrigues and joys and sorrows? We sold a lot of chairs this week; so I felt that I could splurge and replace a couple. 
The pair shown above is 19th c. (maybe earlier--I need to check carefully) Louis XVI Bergeres that are finely carved and upholstered in a yummy silk salmon-colored velvet (there is wear to the upholstery, but the patina only seems to make the chairs more beautiful).


Gerry spotted this amazing trade sign at an auction that is located about 60 miles from Los Angeles. He was advertised as being Spanish in origin, but I think he's Portuguese. "Wilfred" is very big--48"w x 34"h and most probably dates to the early 20th century. He is in overall very good original condition--just look at that snout and that forged iron curly tail. Wilfred was very pricey, but we just had to have him.
Although we are paying quite a bit more for inventory and are unable to purchase many items as the pricing is prohibitive, if Wilfred had not been posted on an online auction, we would never have known about him.
Needless to say, I am missing my friends after so many months and cannot wait to see everyone (and bid against them--cause that is what we do).
I know that so many others are in much more severe circumstances, but I am very frustrated that California opened up so quickly. The pressure on Gov. Newsom must have been intense==but geez...... We should have followed ALL the CDC guidelines. Orange County (where I live) had a very low number of cases and then, all of a sudden, we are experiencing a huge increase in those sickened--even more than LA County. And guess what??? People (some) still will not wear a mask. The mask is for our safety--it's not a political statement. 
Fortunately, our collective (Pasadena Antique Center, Pasadena, CA) is open 1 day per week (to dealers only); so I can meet Roberto and get a lot of work done and also Lalo (upholstery)--which means that I can be a little creative. (BTW--Roberto is fine and taking really good care of himself and family)

John Lewis was one of my heroes. Yes, he was short in stature (like me)--but oh, so powerful. Our next generation is still very young--we need to focus our attention on promoting their activism and motivate them to speak truth to power. We must inspire this generation to engage in the quest to bring respect and the rights of citizenship and basic humanity to all.

Well, my eyes keep closing; so it's off to bed.

Sending blessings for the week----stay strong.

Blessings to all of  us who take this journey..........



  1. True about the young. They are left to carry on John Lewis' legacy. Have you seen this all over the Internet? Can't wait to make it happen.....

    1. Thank you. Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of apathy. Hopefully, the loud voices will prevail. Just look at today's speech by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez--phenomenal.