Sunday, September 29, 2013


This is the antique copper vessel of my last post as it was auctioned last Thursday...a little dull, no revealed beauty.
And this is how she looks after a bit of "spit and polish"

I neglected to measure the vessel, but I think it measures about 15" in diameter and 22" in height. I love the counterpoint of the classical style marble column.
I have collected 18th and 19th century brass candlesticks since my years in Spain, and I guess that this vessel is an extension of that passion....

Quick note: first I cleaned the copper with a very mild detergent. When dry, I polished it with hard paste wax.  With metal pieces like this it is best to preserve their wonderful patina (and spirit)-- bringing out their brilliance in other ways.

Sending blessing for a wonderful week--can't believe that it is October ALREADY.

Mary and Jones (and Cole)

Friday, September 27, 2013


This week has been one of reinforcing in my senses the toxic qualities of perfection......maybe not toxic, but definitely boring and an energy downer.
I tend to want to make everything perfect, seeking balance--perhaps it is the fear that some one or many some ones will not like me or approve of what I buy and sell. Maybe it's my love of neoclassical furniture--always balanced. But these are not times of balance--these are times of tumult and it's resultant growth reaching towards balance.
So I'm looking for that odd item; that slightly dissonant object that makes everything come together. Stretching, adapting, moving. Isn't that our purpose? To seek growth, as painful as it might be. So this week I decided to examine shapes and form--fullness of life, perhaps...
The only piece that I found is this brass vessel--I really don't know anything about it except that it reminds me of Claude Conover's ceramic vessels (if only I had know about his work 2 years ago...). The form is pregnant and the patina deep and wonderful. 

Sending wishes for a wonderful week-end. (Can't believe that I'm seeing Christmas Decorations---not quite life in the moment)

Mary & Jones (and Cole)

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Pretty cute, aren't they!!

I bought these guys last week, but didn't pick them up until yesterday. I love Japanese works of art --these are bronze okimono from the late Meiji period. I'm usually not attracted to bronzes (unless they are Vienna bronzes), but these guys seemed to carry a message for me.
During the weeks that I have been "morning mom" to my 6 and 5 year old grand daughters while Grace is with with Mia at the University of Florida's Proton Center, I've come to appreciate how far I've come in my quest to learn to treasure and simply exist in the moment. This time around I can effortlessly focus on Lauren and Kaia's needs of the moment, suspending any thought of what has passed and what the future might hold. I'm finally understanding and living this understanding that it is the moment at hand that holds the blessings. And I am so grateful for this hard lesson learned--still levels to go, but I'm at least on the first rung.


So back to the tortoises......The tortoise is the Japanese symbol for longevity and happiness. Just like learning to be in the moment, the tortoise with his slow cumbersome body must let go of thoughts of past journeys. If he were to remember the length of each of his passed journeys, he would never initiate another.

And the tortoise is happy--he knows that his needs are met--he carries his waterproof house with him; he only needs to withdraw to find protection from those who would attack him; and I really don't think that his slow metabolism pushes him to continually search for food. The tortoise is simply content being who he is; as a result he is blessed with long life.

We do know that one of the tortoise's greatest perils is finding himself upside down on his's the same with his human brothers--we will definitely feel upside-down if we don't learn to settle our dust and quiet our hearts. Balance and being grounded give life--just like Mr. Tortoise: he definitely is grounded.

Thank you for these weeks with Lauren and Kaia--love is a wonderful healer.

Have a fantastic First Fall Week-end.

Mary & Jones (& Cole)

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Every time I pick up new pillows at Pam's shop I feel as if it were Christmas and I'm opening my presents. As usual, Pam's workmanship was perfection--I am so blessed to have her in my life. 
Here are a few photos of the newest additions



These "Farnese Frieze" pillows are my favorites (for the moment)--I love the vibrant mottled blue with the Renaissance Gold over stamping--the photo below shows the pillow taken with flash

(I'm getting a new camera and am taking a few classes on how to take better photos....)
I also picked up this little pair of lumbar pillows created with c. 1960's-70's vintage "Veneziano" that would work with many upholstery choices.

And I picked up this pair of green and gold very generous sized pillows created with yards of vintage "R" border...each pillow shows the old Fortuny stamp. Once again, Pam did a beautiful job--the rows of border are French seamed and to perfection.

And one more Christmas present arrived last week in the form of an unusual c. 1930's, narrow loom, Fortuny textile fragment. This Fortuny textile appear to be an early iteration of the "Peruano" pattern. The block is not carved in as much detail as are many Fortuny examples, leading me to think that maybe it was designed to originally print silk velvet??? Any way. I love it--that seafoam green and light brown is quite unusual......


This particular Fortuny textile will be turned into 4 long but short pillows in the not too distant future. Pam still has a few more pieces of Fortuny to work on before I take her this textile and we put our heads together for the appropriate backing silk.

Mia is doing very well. I think there are about 10 sessions to go and then everyone will be home. The tumor has not grown and we are waiting to see if it will reduce. 

I think that Fall has shown up in SC--THANK YOU FOR TEMPS IN THE 70's!!!!!!!!!

HAVE A WONDERFUL  ALMOST FALL WEEK-END. This particular full moon is beautiful.

Be well.
Mary & Jones (and Cole)

Saturday, September 14, 2013


It has been a super busy time......I've been "Morning Mom" to my little beauties which means that I've been getting up around 4 am to get to my son's house before he leaves for work.....and then it's off to the LA freeways after I take Kaia to her kindergarten class at 10. But all is well! Mia's tumor has not grown and she is tolerating the Proton Radiation therapy very well. We are blessed. This is Mia on her 3rd Birthday last Tuesday...looking very good.

And this was Mia's surprise on Friday---everyone travelled to Orlando to spend 5 days with Mia and Mommy.

I can't wait until Mia and Grace are home for keeps--probably another 3 weeks.


I did sell the pair of Drexel chests about 3 hours after we brought them in. The client wanted custom lacquer work; so here are the before and after photos:

I took these last photos with my Iphone; so they are not so great. But the lacquer work on the chests is exceptional--I do hope the client likes them. When choosing a color for lacquer work, it is almost impossible to know exactly what the color read on the completed item--there is a tremendous amount of light refraction with high gloss lacquer.

Russian Karelian Birch side chairs before being reupholstered:

After, with Scalamandre woven silk... just the way they were designed in 1815.


Tomorrow a new TV show is being filmed at the shop--Pasadena Antiques and Design (it's a Cooperative) I need to be up bright and early to get to Pasadena. I'll take photos of the TV crew filming. Not sure what the name of the show is.... Jones is coming too, maybe he'll become famous??

Mary & Jones (and Cole)

Monday, September 2, 2013


It's Labor Day. Lauren starts first grade and Kaia starts kindergarten tomorrow. 

Auntie Dao and I took the ladies shopping on Friday; so we were treated to a fashion cute. Looks like both are budding fashionistas? They've got that pose thing down pat--and at 5 and 6? 

The handsome guy on the right is Ethan who started High School this year!! And down at the very bottom is a partial view of Cole (Jones' best friend).

Mia is doing very well--10 proton sessions down and 20 to go. 

Mia and Grace are staying at the Ronald McDonald House at The University of Florida, Jacksonville. The generosity of so many people has made Mia's treatment possible--thank you so much.
James and Lauren & Kaia and Grace's parents will be traveling to Jacksonville next Thursday to visit Grace and Mia. The Make-A-Wish Foundation has given all of them a mini-vacation in Orlando. (I decided to stay in CA as I need to get a hip done....) 
Being a witness to the tremendous generosity of so many individuals--some anonymous, some known-- inspires me to watch for situations where a simple gesture, a smile, a dollar will lighten a person's load. Yes, there is always the grand gesture which has its place, but let's not forget the little (seemingly inconsequential) acts that spread love and compassion: heaven on earth.
Have a wonderful September--still hotter than H___ here, but it's got to cool down soon??!

Mary & Jones (and Cole)