Friday, August 24, 2018


All I bought yesterday was this pair of blue & white elephant obelisk lamps (and they were very pricey). Both G and I loved them (G more than I). I have seen similar representations of this form of obelisk, but didn't know where the original came from and vowed to investigate. After buying the lamps, I went to shop to take photos of a set of 8 Fornasetti plates.
As you know, I frequently write about Serendipity and the joy it brings me to know that I'm connected to so much that I'm only marginally aware of.)
Anyway, here is the second plate that I photographed

Yep, there is the elephant obelisk--It's a real obelisk situated in the Piazza di Minerva.........I didn't even need to open the computer or go down any rabbits holes to satisfy my quest to identify the obelisks. And that is also connection.
I'm so excited that Fall is approaching.....I do not like the heat and we need rain desperately. As I studied the paler blue sky and wispy clouds this morning, I could almost smell Fall in the (crisper?) ocean breezes.

Blessings for the next to the last real summer week-end.

Mary & Jones & Cole

PS Not going to talk about my joy over what is happen in mr. small t's world.


This amazing table was at auction today. When I previewed yesterday, I immediately spotted the table and fell in love. I couldn't believe the condition of the tiles......they seemed to be old, but no wear? The forged iron was spectacular and I was sure that it must have been old, but it's not.........
Tonight as I was going over the photos and enlarged one of them, I spotted a signature "Bushere & Son" on one leg. Of course, I had to investigate.
Bushere & Son is currently making this table in their workshop (really artist's studio) in Corona, California--about 30 miles from me.

I didn't realize that this high quality iron was still being forged in the US. I was sure that this table was an antique English or Spanish piece. 

You can go to their website
to view and order these gorgeous tables and many more Spanish Revival type objects.
I'm still speechless.

I'll get back to my usual postings--have had a lot on my plate.

Blessings for the week.

Mary & Jones & Cole

Monday, August 13, 2018


Last week G and I bought an stunning Spanish Colonial Processional altar crucifix. I believe this beautiful piece is 18th c. Mexican, but it could be Peruvian, Ecuadorian or even Brazilian. The nicho or altar measures a full 25 inches in height. The truly exceptional factor is that the nicho has not had any restorations and has survived intact for over 200 years. Of course there are minor losses, especially to the painted surface, but this is normal for nichos of this age and its frequent use in religious rites over its long life span.
I'm adding several detail photos of the Santo. I'm truly ambivalent about selling this beautiful object--my being strongly reliant on my faith and having been raised in Mexico and having spent many years in Spain has a lot to do with this ambivalence. And I think its beautiful.

Sending blessing for the coming week--thanks for visiting.
(Jones needs prayers for his back--chiropractor visit today)

Mary & Jones & Cole

Monday, August 6, 2018

LALO STRIKES AGAIN--he did an amazing job!!

This little sofa is already drawing everyone's attention...Lalo did an amazing job with the upholstery. I love the contrast of the herringbone tweed against the turn-of-the-century carved mahogany frame which I call Corinthian meets Chippendale.
Here's what the sofa looked like when I bought him

Now he's so much more handsome in a proper suit.
Here's a shot of the accompanying chair pre-Lalo

And here's what he looks like all cleaned up

I just love his very sexy funky legs

Lalo also brought back the pair of Karges benches--here's a before shot

And here's what they look like now

Roberto still has a bit of restoration work left and then these funky guys will be ready to go. The benches are quite generous and will be perfect at the end of a bed. Lalo is truly a master at tufting--it's not that easy.
I brought home lots of great "stuff" last Thursday, but I just finished watching "Capote" and my head is still attempting to process the movie. I do not see how it would be possible for an actor to survive emotionally after creating this film. The world lost a  powerful creative with the loss of Phillip Seymour Hoffman.