Monday, October 31, 2016



........more painting

MOVING...all of this

As you can see, the take down has begun....and that's just one section..........yikes!!!!! But you just cannot imagine what Roberto can accomplish in one day. Fortunately, the basics--painting and installing a couple of my antique panels--are done. So now it's simply fitting all of the puzzle pieces together.
Wish us luck.


Mary & Jones & Cole

Saturday, October 29, 2016

KISS--Keep It Simple (Stupid)

Just about any time that I'm able to stop to ponder, I choose to honor my commitment to KISS. But this time, should I really, really keep it simple? Or should I venture out into the more creative realm of design--out where I'm not too sure that people will be attracted to and actually PURCHASE my flights of creativity.
I bought this great pair of period French Deco Louis XV-style bergeres on Thursday. I had spotted them the week before, but since I only wanted the chairs (and they were attached to an en suite settee), I had decided against them. This week I sat with my friend Hillary who wanted the settee; so I took the chairs. (I am in awe every time the world conspires to grant me my heart's desires)

This is the third set of French Barrel back chairs that I have purchased this year.
Here's a reminder of the others...............
Pair of c. 1950-60's barrel backs before and after new upholstery.

I don't think that I took a photo of this next pair of 19th c. Louis XVI barrel backs before they went out to be upholstered. Don't they look great in the same fabric? Lalo does an amazing upholstery job when he puts his mind to it.

My dilemma is what fabric to upholster this third pair of bergeres in, taking into consideration that I had successfully sold the above two pairs of chairs by upholstering them in the same French blue-gray 100% linen (actual color has a bit more blue) fabric. I have enough gorgeous Ralph Lauren linen in a mottled charcoal gray, but I had intended to use it on the Directoire-style chaise longue.

I have enough of the trusty French Blue/gray linen for the chairs....... maybe I can add a kidney shaped down pillow to add just the right amount of interest to the back of the chairs? But these are a really classic deco form and I do not want to distract from the purity..... Ah, Hah! Maybe a kidney pillow in the Ralph Lauren charcoal linen?
And while we are not on the subject don't you think that the set of French Deco marquetry table would look great paired with the Deco chairs? Hmmmmmm

Yep, it works, plus the tables add the extra interest that I was craving.
Roberto and I will be working on the move all next week..........although the distance is only 100 ftt., it's almost as time consuming as moving across country. I've picked out a blue/gray intense tone for one wall. I'm not too sure about what will happen on the others.
We've had two days of rain this October; I'm thankful that we are off to a good start on breaking the back of this awful drought. However, please keep praying as we still need an additional 15" to be out of the woods.
Sending blessing for the week-end and for great trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Mary & Jones & Cole

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


PLUVIOPHILE. I never knew there was a name for people like me. I love the rain; I love it in all of its myriad incarnations. We have had two nights of unexpected rain in the past 8 days and a full inch of rain is expected late Thursday into Friday.
Our nation desperately needs rain....the blessings of rain to cleanse us of the negativity of this Presidential campaign. Rain to cleanse us of the toxic ideas spread by isolationist fear mongers.
I, like so many others, long for a return to civility and the belief in the importance of truth, generosity, respect for others..........the cult of the bully ending with the vote on Tuesday, etc., etc., etc. PLEASE VOTE. THE OUTCOME OF THIS ELECTION IS OF PRIME IMPORTANCE TO THE FUTURE OF OUR NATION. THE STATUS OF WOMEN NEEDS TO BE AFFIRMED AND PROTECTED.
I am ready for rainbows

Now, for a quick update on another one of my passionate causes. Please stay with me.

Since the Vietnam War Monsanto has been on my radar for its creation of chemical weapons of war and various other chemicals that have harmed, harm and will harm all of creation. Finally this huge corporation is being taken to task. This suit is probably just a small thorn in its bloated, corrupt side--but Rome wasn't built in a day and this mega-corporation will be brought down by individuals standing up to its power and destructive intentions.

And finally, I just have to add in my little business venture news. I'm moving locations within the Pasadena Antique Center to the prime spot!! Yeah. I really have needed additional space (I'm packed to the gills with inventory) and this location will be just about perfect. I have Roberto slated to work with me most of next week--painting and lighting first and then the big stuff. (Wish me luck).
I haven't been buying much as I haven't had any room, but I did acquire this set of period Art Deco Macassar and marquetry nesting tables. They are in fairly good original condition; Roberto will spiff them up and they'll be set to go on 1stdibs.

I love that the marquetry work and the visual movement makes these tables stand out.

Going to Preview today--I wonder what else I can squeeze in.


Blessings for the day.

Mary & Jones & Cole

Saturday, October 1, 2016


My best buddy did not want to get out of bed........
Isn't he still gorgeous at 10 1/2?

I'm going to the West Hollywood flea market tomorrow........we'll see what turns up. I'm not a flea market buyer as I need more time to decided, but this should be fun. I'll post some photos tomorrow.

Mary, Jones & Cole