Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I have been reading Seth Godin's daily blog posts for at least 5 years and my perspective on life has changed dramatically because of his insights and my quests for personal growth. If you have not subscribed to Seth Godin's blog, I'm pushing you to check it out!
Today's post is outstanding:           
To all of us who are passionately concerned for the lives and futures of the world's children and to all of us who will be inspired to be mentors to our future, PLEASE READ.

Have a super summer day!!

Mary & Jones & Cole


I know, I know---I haven't posted in ages.......Life is a bit tumultuous lately.
But I have been deciding what direction to go in regarding buying strategies. And I've decided that, although I love high-style, international chic furniture and fashion, it is not really the way I live. So I'll be bringing in a bit more rustic pieces that will also go well in the California environment--as opposed to sending the majority of my things all the way to New York.

This funky trestle table was created in the mid- to late 19th c. from antique French walnut shutters and pine X-form trestle support in pine. The shutters (top) have warped somewhat, but that adds character to the table. The original waxed surface is present and Roberto just touched it up today and applied another coat of wax.
I have a few more pieces in this range that I've had in storage for quite a while--they need a bit of work, but not much. So when Roberto has time to spiff them up, I'll post about them.
I have finally submitted to the fact that I need to have my left hip replaced-------have been avoiding the problem for way too long. But wouldn't you know it, now that I'm ready, I'm going to have to wait because my thyroid needs to please send a few prayers this way. Now, that I've made up my mind to have surgery, it is hard to wait. 
I hope that everyone is having a a super first few days of summer.

Mary & Jones & Cole

Thursday, June 4, 2015


I love this Edo Period Japanese Paper Tea Screen. It shows its age, but to me the lost patches of gold leaf, revealing the calligraphy beneath only make me love the screen more. The losses add depth--just like with our fragile lives. We need our knocks and bruises, our imperfections, our scars to give us wholeness and connectivity. Perfection lasts a nano-second (if at all)--so it's basically an illusion. Only beauty and love in all their amazing manifestations can create.

Going to auction today with $150 to spend......let's see what I come up with. I dared a friend that I could come up with a $1000 item-------we'll see.

Jones and Cole say "Hi"--Blessings.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Isn't this the most gorgeous lamp you have ever seen? It just happens to be late 60's Marbro, in the softest, palest of celadon greens--and look at the detailing of the surface and the quality and purity of form............. 
Of course, it was one of those true gifts--I'd just walked into my auction.........and there it was and up went my hand and it was mine for a pittance. (The rest of the day brought nothing---not complaining, just saying).
As many of you know, I'm a chair addict. I love antique chairs, especially French antique period chairs--I've been buying and selling them for many years,  Well---two days ago, I was sitting in a chair that I gave my daughter at least 5 years ago. I had never paid too much attention to the chair because I bought it for the 7-8 yards of Braquenie fabric that came with the chair.......when I suddenly thought, OMG---this chair is period French Directoire...... the Directoire period was extremely short and there aren't that many examples of Directoire chairs. Sure enough, after I checked the chair, I'm sure it is period--it's pegged, the carved details and proportions are right, the smaller scale is correct. 
Here is a photo of very similar chairs that I snatched from 1stdibs.

Well, Jones and I must get to bed..............