Thursday, January 25, 2018

UPDATES--Goodbye Sweet Ostrich

It was not to be.......the ostrich coat went for a lot more than what we were willing to pay. But G. did bring home a couple of gorgeous lots of St. Laurent suits (about 13 total) and for good price points.

As promised, here are the photos of last week's 18th c. Chinese Lacquer Screen-The Front

And The Reverse

And here's a shot of the back corner where the altar table and screen are hiding

As you can see, it's pretty to get that stuff out the door. So I guess I'd better have a SALE--just go to my website and contact me through site.

Sending blessing for the week-end.

Mary, Jones & Cole

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


A large collection of Ives St. Laurent creations is going to be auctioned tomorrow--4 complete racks. And last week there were 2 racks-which I didn't think to photograph :(.....
Volumes have been written about Ives St. Laurent: there is nothing I could possibly add to the conversation. However, seeing so many St. Laurent pieces together was exhilarating. Every detail was perfection......the buttons, belts, hats, construction, not to mention the incredible fabrics.
This was my favorite piece from tomorrow's lots

A satin evening coat embellished with ostrich feathers--I can only imagine the woman who wore this--hopefully with a strut and black sheath underneath, black sheer stockings and fine suede heels......... I'd love to buy this coat, but think that it's going to go really high.
Here's a photo of Catherine Deneuve with St. Laurent

that probably dates to the 1970s and here is a photo of one of the pieces from the collection, similar to Deneuve's, being auctioned tomorrow

And another similar suit jacket going up tomorrow

Gerry fell in love with this metallic gold leather jacket--amazing leather and design.

Another of my favorites is this jersey animal print dress beautifully detailed with a black suede belt decorated with gilt Ives St. Laurent die for and still current 20 years (I think) after its creation.

And finally-yes it is the amazing women of today who deserve to be wearing clothes made for power women.

Wish me luck with the ostrich coat...........fingers crossed.

Mary & Jones & Cole

Monday, January 22, 2018


Last was just one of those days when the bidding was super high on everything that we wanted. Here's what we did NOT win:
A lithograph by my favorite contemporary Japanese artist Toko Shinoda--she is 104 and still working--was coming up. I sold two of her lithographs earlier this year 

and really wanted this one. I love the ascending blocks (seem to be reaching for the heavens) anchored by the reeds. It was not to be: the one litho went for double what I had paid for the pair.

Amazing lamps and one was damaged

The selling price point confirmed my suspicions: they were part of an 18th c. garniture--the price soared so fast that I couldn't even get my hand out of my pocket.......
Gerry (textile collector) coveted this Chinese forbidden stitch collar

This piece, too, went sky high.
But, as we were wondering whether to leave, my little eye spotted a Chinese Lacquer Table Screen (and I do own a few screens) that had not been unfolded--I knew it was good as it was a folded 10-panel example. I barely glanced at the screen (not wanting to draw attention to it) and waited another hour for it to come to the block. And sure enough it was a "sleeper" (auction term for an item that didn't draw attention or appropriate bids). It came home with me and for just about what I wanted to pay.... finally!!
I didn't get a chance to study the screen until Roberto brought it in on Saturday--and this is what we discovered

Yes. The screen is truly amazing. An 18th c. screen composed of ten 8-inch hand-planed painted panels of an Emperor with highlighting in gold leaf. I didn't look at the reverse until G. came to help me take photos today. (Ooops, left my phone at shop so I can't show photos) The reverse panels are just as beautiful (maybe more beautiful) as the front panels as they are incised/carved court scenes. The front panels have had some restoration work; whereas, the reverse panels appear to be all original. I've scoured the Internet and haven't found any screens quite like this one--and I love it. 
Look what Roberto accomplished in less than 4 hours: the Altar Table is nearly unrecognizable

Of course, the screen is to-die-for placed on the console. Just a bit over the top. And I'm grateful...

Well, true to form, mr. small "t" not-my-president continues to work his magic. A government in chaos and shut down.....draining the swamp. Where would our country be without the millions upon millions of dreamers who have come to start a new life here? Where will we be without the current generation of dreamers who work to make this nation stronger and more compassionate than ever?
The Second Women's March will go down in history. The commitment and vision to effect positive change is growing. Hopefully, by this time next year there will be a huge change in the balance of power in the Congress--dare I say, maybe a new president?

Jones is calling me to bed.

Blessings for the week.

Mary & Jones & Cole

Thursday, January 11, 2018


I didn't have any space (or so I thought); so how could I even dream of buying a 10ft long table?
Last night, when Gerry and I decided to buy this table (at my insistence), I didn't have an inch to spare in the shop. But "where there's a will, there's a way" took hold of me. When I had previewed the auction on Wednesday, I quickly glanced at the table and discounted it as huge (no space) and not in good shape and I had never seen a table quite like it. Gerry, on the other hand, did pay more attention and, fortunately, took photos and measured the table. I had thought that it was longer than it actually is and (best part) it breaks down into parts for moving.
After hemming and hawing for a while, we decided to pass. But I kept thinking about the fact that the supporting side pedestals are carved with very high relief dragons and there is fine fretwork I called G back and said we had to buy it (still not an inch to spare in shop).
I got to auction right at the beginning (they like to move the big pieces out of the way early) and thought that I might have to wait quite a while--but after only about 10-15 minutes (thank goodness LA freeway traffic had flowed), up came the table........and then, all of a sudden it was mine!!! We paid more than I have in the past for altar tables, but still a great buy.

The most amazingly serendipitous things happened just before and just after I bid the table: I sold a desk before the bid and a 75" dresser a few minutes after (and there went the no "room objection"--how silly I would have felt if I had continued to "think small").

    Intent and stepping out in faith--hard to do, but getting easier.

I haven't been able to find anything quite like this table on the net.....I think it dates to the mid-19th century; it's most probably elm and the carvings appears to be intact. Roberto has his work cut out--at least a day, if not more to really clean and wax and wax again and again..........Don't you just love those dragons?

Prayers are desperately needed for Montecito and Santa Barbara. This tragedy is almost too much to fathom, maybe I'm shell-shocked by all of the disasters and tragedies of the past few months...I feel numb. So many families ripped heart is beginning to ache for them.

mr. trump is showing his true colors--a Nation that upholds the rule of law; believes in the equality of all men; is founded on the labor and passion of immigrants; has links to Haiti that go back centuries; a Nation that is inevitably linked to Africa as the ancestral home of a huge percentage of our population--we cannot allow trumpian bigotry to be what represents us to the world and to ourselves. We need stronger ties to Africa; we need to fulfill our commitments to assist in the rebuilding of post earthquake Haiti. Strengthening Haiti will serve to strengthen all of us.

              RESISTANCE is the only path open to us.
                           And we will PERSIST. 

Blessings and strength,

Mary & Jones & Cole

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


A fellow dealer at The Pasadena Antique Center brought this amazing mirror in on Saturday. It's huge--I would guess at least 60" diameter. It's brutalist to the max and I want it. (Unfortunately, the price point is too rich for my blood)
I don't know who the designer was or its country of origin; it is really powerful. Definitely speaks to my proposed method of ending misogyny.