Thursday, February 25, 2016

I was running really late this morning...and I had to hustle to my auction! As I walked out the door I heard the squaking and cawing of a large group of crows--this was not usual for our neighborhood--these were big (sorry, ugly, nasty looking guys). I looked for the source of all this commotion and spotted a beautiful fawn-colored pigeon in the grass. I though he might be injured and I could perhaps save him from the circling crows. As I carefully walked towards him, he rose up with his dead mate grasped tightly. My heart became at once heavy. How dare we humans think that we are the only species that truly loves. How arrogant, narcissistic.
We are called to love and connect--all existence loves or shrivels. I am so grateful for this sweet reminder.
I didn't buy anything at auction--after my gift of seeing true love and faithfulness--it all seemed like fluff.
Blessings for the day.

Mary & Jones & Cole

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Roberto came on Tuesday and we worked all day on stuff. He polished the Regency Cabinets--I still can't believe that I have them (a thousand happy faces). I also managed to catch a few other  things last week (and Thursday is tomorrow).
I think every space needs to have (1) some humor mixed in and I was lucky that last Thursday no one had the same sense of humor that I have (maybe that's not such a good thing?). And (2) every room needs some black to ground it. These two tables satisfy both requirements. I'm pretty sure that the tables were created by a recognized artist, but they are not signed..... 

Of course, The Cat Table came with The Tumblers' Table (not exactly the man I envision--but acceptable)

I think both table date to c. 1970-80, but really do not know. To me they are folk art; I love the natural patina and signs of use.
Remember Kevin's rooster?

Well, I brought him dinner

This folk art/found object grass hopper is actually a coffee table base--I think he's more like a work of art. He's pretty long--about 38".
And last up is a pair of American(?) Spanish Revival iron stretcher trestle benches

I know that they don't have any relationship to anything else that I'm buying, but aren't they great? It is so hard to find this type of bench and to find a pair?!  I also just happen to have a trestle table that they will work with (I hope)--we'll see.

I need to get to bed--have been fighting a cold all week even stayed home today (all day).

Wish me luck to tomorrow--all we have to do is listen.

Mary & Jones & Cole

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Thursday evolved into a day when I was definitely "in the flow". I had previewed the auction on Wednesday; so I was aware of what was coming up. But there was one section that I did not preview: the cheap section because it was just a big pile of stacked furniture. I arrived at auction about an hour after the first lot had gone up. Maybe 10 minutes after I arrived, I hear the auctioneer say "a pair of round cabinets" (because I'm not tall enough to see over a lot of heads) I barely caught a glimpse of the cabinets and guessed that they might be old Baker pieces, but really didn't know. But I followed that little voice and bought them sight unseen (they weren't inexpensive for what I thought they might be). When I checked them out after the bidding stopped, I was confused...nope not Baker--but probably English mid-century. On Friday, when Marshall was loading the cabinets into my SUV, I asked him to turned one of the cabinets upside down... I almost went into shock: the pair just happened to be early 19thc. English Regency bedside cupboards and in excellent condition. One of the doors was locked and it looked like someone had taken the keys (you could see the empty tape where the keys had been)--but I have lots of old keys and was pretty sure I could open the door.
Saturday, Roberto brought up the cabinets and sure enough one of my keys opened the door, but best of all-----(drum roll): there was an extra original key that had fallen into the bottom of the cabinet section.
Here are a couple of detail shots.

I had not realized how spectacular the cabinets were until Roberto brought them to shop: look at the stunning crotched or flamed mahogany throughout; the cross-banding to the tops; the very unusual large complete oval form and their amazing condition.
The pulls are replacements and I have ordered new brass pulls from England.
I've been searching the internet (still need to check out Sotheby's/Christies) and have not seen anything comparable.
God does give good gifts, but I'm learning that I need to have the courage to listen and step out without a net.
I'll blog about some other items that I picked up on Thursday later in the week.

Jones say "hey" --he's getting his hair cut next week (right now he's a mess).

Mary & Jones & Cole

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Kevin, the owner of Arroyo Artifacts, sauntered in with this petit rooster in tow. Actually it took two strong guys to bring this guy up the stairs. Arroyo Artifacts is one of the top Mid-Century/Danish 20th c. arts dealer in Los Angeles and (lucky me) Kevin is one of my neighbors at the Pasadena Antique Center. This huge Brutalist Rooster is a great example of the Brutalist Design movement that was influential in the sixties and seventies. The sculpture was created with copper sheeting and has acquired a wonderful patina. I love the rooster's energy and movement--I do wish that I had a place for him, don't think he'd squeeze through the door. Brutalism is just starting to come back into the design world idiom--can't wait to see where this piece ends up. Other sculptures created by George Frederick Holschuh are located in museums around the world.
Here are a few detail photos.


I took a couple of shots of the auction description of the sculpture.

Tomorrow is auction preview day--and I'm on the hunt for chairs. As some know, I'm a chair addict and really have to be restrained physically from buying chairs. But I have sold 3 sets of chairs in the last three days; so I'm allowing myself the pleasure of at least being able to consider chairs. And chairs end up being pretty pricey as they usually need to be reupholstered. Which means I then get to go fabric hunting!!
It has been in the mid 90's for days. However, tomorrow we'll get a bit of rain (fingers crossed).

Mary & Jones & Cole