Saturday, May 27, 2017

BUSY WEEK--New Ralph Pucci Showroom

Well, I started writing this post last week and didn't get very far.....I did have back surgery--which would be a good excuse--but then I just got so busy. I was supposed to stay home and quiet for two weeks. But only made it through 5 days and then I just had to get back in the saddle.
The day before surgery Darren and I went to see the new Ralph Pucci Los Angeles showroom which is a bit off the beaten path and located in a very large semi-industrial space.    It is gorgeous.
I loved all of the Herve Van Der Straeten pieces. Here are a few of the photos that I took.

The space is large and entirely painted in white. These amazing sculptural pieces have plenty of room to breathe and be seen from all angles--the next piece is my favorite--not sure who the designer is but it doesn't matter--the table is soul-filled and weighty 

The pewter inlay appears to be poured in place, probably a lost wax casting, and then finely polished so that is is smooth with the rock surface. I love the cragginess of the black rock (don't exactly know what material it is).

And then just one week after surgery--I made it to My Auction two Thursdays ago and bought these very unusual Syrian horseshoe form arm chairs. The bone and fine wood inlay detailing is exquisite (these guys were pricey)--we're going to upholster them in a minty sage green mohair velvet--the scarlet velvet is just not making me happy.

This week my eye focused on 

set of 10 late English George VI/William IV carved white oak dining chairs that had been recently upholstered in an unusual tone of mauve that had just a touch of burnt sienna. These chairs were out of a well-known Beverly Hills Estate (Auction House won't tell me exactly whose) that was designed by Michael Smith.
Up came the chairs......the auctioneer announces them as being "Michael Smith Chairs" (which means that Michael Smith made them)--so I backed down. And the auctioneer passed the chairs as he didn't get a bid.........and then I kicked myself.........I could have had them at a ridiculous price. I did have some one turn a chair over afterwards and the chairs were period. On Friday I made an "after auction" offer for the chairs which was a lot higher than I would have paid on Thursday, but still a great deal. I think that the chairs might be by Gillows (one of the best 19th c. English furniture makers of the period).
My surgeon says that I'm healing ahead of schedule--but that I'm pushing it!! So now I need to be super careful and quiet for another two months.....bummmmmmer--don't know how I'm going to do what he says for two additional months.
I would say something about Mr. Not-My-President, but I won't except to say that I was supremely embarrassed by his actions and words in Europe last week--I felt like this poor dog

Hopefully this nightmare will soon be ended.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Mary & Jones & Cole

Monday, May 1, 2017


Roberto and I rearranged a bit last week------and it helped!! The Asian elephants (that I love) just sold.
Must exit quickly--more tomorrow

Mary & Jones & Cole