Wednesday, November 23, 2016


This is one-half of my family as they are about to take off to go camping at the beach for Thanksgiving.

I've taken this quote from Seth Godin's blog post of Tuesday, November 22. It says perfectly what I believe in my heart.

And that's enough. It has to be
It's all we've ever had.
The challenge is in realizing this and working with it,
even when we're secretly hoping for something 
more, some external force.
You and me, kid, you and me and a few billion other 
We can treat each other as if it matters, because it 

After the past election and the events of the past
two week, I am so grateful for our amazing nation. 
I hope that we can draw strength from one another 
to be grateful and to commit to making sure that the
threats of the campaign do not become reality. 

Mary & Jones & Cole

PS Don't know why the blog insists on formatting this way and I can't fix it......Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Friday, November 18, 2016


I realize that each of us must follow a different path while on this journey of life. I am aware that not everyone believes it is his/her responsibility to stand up for the basic human values that were delineated in the "Bill of Rights"--we are a nation founded on the principle of separation of church and state, the principle of freedom of religion, the inherent equality of all. Women have the ultimate authority over their own bodies. Women do deserve equal pay. Black Lives Do Matter. We need  to embrace comprehensive immigration reform honoring the amazing men and women who come here for a better life, making our lives much better with their bravery. We need a single-payer healthcare system. We need to control rampantly increasing drug prices. We need to halt the endless cycle of war. We need to care for political refugees who are suffering on an enormous scale. The are so many steps we, as a people, need to take to ensure that we, as a nation, stand for righteousness. WE ALL NEED TO FIGHT FOR JUSTICE..... There is so much to be done;but FIRST the Trump cesspool must be drained.

I just volunteered with the ACLU. I've been a member for years--now is the time to stand up. There are many other ways to participate in the fight for equality and respect for all. Each of us who truly cares about our amazing nation needs to find a way to be counted. 

Mary & Jones & Cole 

Please do not leave negative comments. The above two paragraphs express my opinion only.

Friday, November 11, 2016

BACK TO BUSINESS-----Despite Being a Very Rough Week

It has not been the best of weeks for me.......I am still despondent regarding the election. But I know that there has to be some sort of silver lining in all of this. 
Shopping usually helps and yesterday was no exception........but my goodness these gorgeous chairs upholstered in real zebra hide went for an enormous amount of money--I bid them as far as I could, but it wasn't enough. They will make some one very, very happy. 

........And now I know what to do with the next zebra hide that I find (super hard to come by) and a pair of Louis XIII Revival arm chairs.
Although I didn't manage to snag the chairs I did find a sleeper when I previewed on Wednesday--I'll take photos and get a little history next week.
I think I scored with this French Faux Bamboo chest of drawers. The chest is in very good condition--just in need of Roberto's magic fingers. I believe it's marble has been replaced, but it still looks good.

I purchased a few more pieces and then the 100* NOVEMBER heat took over---it is so hot that its bordering on bizarre--I do not like this weather.

And last night we celebrated my niece's birthday at a favorite restaurant

That is my amazing daughter and grandson--isn't he cute?? artist and musician. It will be interesting to see how his life develops (if we can just get him to graduate--he's super smart and as a senior, he thinks school is stupid)

That's all for now. Our amazing country needs to be surrounded in prayer.

Mary & Jones & Cole

Monday, November 7, 2016


I did not expect my sales to pop the way they have since my move. I've sold all kinds of things to all very different types of people and all new clients.
This pair of benches went to a charming young Pasadena woman.

This oak table with the 17th c. top and 20th c. base went to a Hollywood industry person.

Who also purchased these Scalamandre "Le tigre" 

and a pair of these c. 1970's x-folding stools

Another very well-loved and known Hollywood person purchased a second set of the leather stools.
And best of all (maybe) a third Hollywood person (I hate the term "celebrity" or "star") is sending in her DAD--a super-well known singer in the next week or so.  We shall see what develops. All three of these talented Hollywood individuals were open and friendly and wonderful to work with--no ego issues, which is always refreshing and appreciated.

It was a tough decision to increase my overhead in these still challenging economic times and when this very anxiety-producing election cycle is still in full swing. But God is definitely showing me that I was listening to Him. And I am very grateful. I will be so relieved when the elections are completed. I voted on the third day of mail-in voting in California and then forgot to mail my ballot for a week......  I am so disheartened that individuals within our own political system are attempting to undermine our democracy and election process by mimicking election strategies in third world and former communist countries. I'm so disheartened that there have been attempts to undermine our democratic election process from both organizations within the United States and from without. I pray that all of our newly elected leaders respond to the trust invested in them to govern and to govern well: ignoring partisan divides, voting their conscience independently of other influences. I truly believe that individuals perform to higher standards when they make decisions independently; not adhering to misplaced or false loyalties and crowd mania.  Go HIllary. (Thanks for letting me spew). I'm scheduled to make calls tomorrow to get out the vote. The power of our vote is enormous and each of us needs to honor that responsibility to simply vote our conscience as to who is the most prepared, globally respected, intelligent and measured candidate for the Office of the President.

Blessing for the coming week.

Mary & Jones & Cole 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Roberto and Moises (Roberto's brother) started moving stuff bright and early Tuesday morning. The Tuscan consoles and Marbro alabaster lamps were the first pieces to be placed. I wish that I could have kept the space with only these objects in it.......... As it was, there wasn't quite enough room for everything; so the squeezing in took effect. I love the gallery look.........

Next came the Chinese Altar Table and Edo "Tales of Genji" screen plus the Marbro lamps.

I wish that I could have left these few pieces alone and by themselves--but that was impossible. When all was said and done, I didn't have enough room for everything, even using every inch avail able.

Today, Roberto hung what needed hanging and I, once again, directed traffic. Here's a close up of a section of one wall.

I think I'm happy. I've even sold a couple of things and have several things "on hold"--we'll see what turns up.

Please Vote!!

Mary & Jones & Cole