Thursday, July 27, 2017


This is how I felt at auction today. It was rough and the bidding went super high on just about every item.
I guess my energy was a bit off, too. Or maybe it was the energy in the room??? Don't really know. I guess some days you are in the flow and some days you. are. not.
But that doesn't mean that I came home empty handed.....I did buy my toile sofas....

And a huge carved Ceylon mirror. But everything else went sky high......and that's the way the cookies crumbles sometimes.
I guess that I'm obsessing about "tt"--the situation has not improved. However, I am so proud that certain GOP Senators are voting their conscience and for their country, instead of blindly going "the party way". I love what John McCain spoke to upon his return to the Senate. The Congress and The President are equal. It is called checks and balances....we need to see those checks in action. We need to get rid of the ignorant bully.
Well, I guess that's it for now.

Mary & Jones & Cole (Cole is showing his age and                                        needs a few prayers)

12 Midnight...........
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! The last effort to destroy the ACA has been defeated.......Senator McCain is even a greater hero tonight.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Just a quickie as Jones & Cole are bugging me about breakfast--CHILDREN!!
After spending 6 hours at auction on Thursday--these guys were the only objects to come home. They were lamps (they will be returned to lamps) at one point as their bottoms are drilled. I'm not sure of their age, but I'm guessing early 20th c. Late Meiji or Taisho?? When I bought them, I thought that I had paid way too much money, but now that I've inspected them and measured their height, I'm pretty sure I did just fine. They are gorgeous--with opposing gilt decoration and perfect condition porcelain.....and a good height of 17" which will bring the total height of the reconfigured lamp bases to about 20"-22" which is perfect when you add a shade of about 11"..........

Business has been great!!! Which means only one thing:  I GET TO GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday--the boys are hungry and obnoxious.

Mary & Jones & Cole

Friday, July 21, 2017


Yesterday, I ran through the Auction Preview and this gorgeous toile caught my eye. I call this Flag Blue, but don't think that there is such a color name--so cobalt works, too. The toile graced a pair of

Louis XV-Style sofas or settees. Not only is the toile quality superb, the quality of the upholstery is raised to an art. And the 20th c. sofa frames aren't bad, either.
I think that toile and French furniture is starting to make a come-back after years of being off the radar. I hope so--I've been buying French furniture lately............
Anyway, the sofas will come home next week. They would have come home this week, but......well it's complicated. Especially when an auction has dragged on FOREVER; it's over 90* w/o air conditioning and the auctioneer doesn't do what he usually does. But Don and I worked it out.
I think that the toile is a Pierre Deux --which make it a very pricey example of great upholstery--there is a ton of that gorgeous fabric on the sofas.
A couple other highlights from today--I didn't buy these bronzes, but loved them. The first one is a life-size greyhound which reminds me of Mr. Jones

This Chinese bronze of a puppy with a very tiny frog is exquisite. The detailing is so fine that I can almost see the puppy breathe.

Well, it's off to bed.......need to take fabrics to new pillow maker to start on some pillows from c.1920s Fortuny fabric.

Be well------
Mary & Jones & Cole

Saturday, July 15, 2017


I just read that turquoise or deep aqua is the world's most favorite color. It definitely makes me happy. Here's a photo of my new beasties before they were loaded into the trusty Explorer for their ride to Pasadena. These boys (don't think that they are girls) date to c.1960s and are in great condition. I love their mottled glazing----the newer elephant garden seats are busier and "cuter" (I'm not a fan of that description) and definitely not as hot as the older examples.

Well--it's off to work. This has already been a great month for sales and it's summer when things usually slow down??? I'll take it and I'm immensely grateful.
Have a fantastic summer day--happy hunting.

Mary & Jones & Cole

Monday, July 10, 2017


I received an Alternet email today with good news. How often do we only get the bad news? the disturbing news? the TT news (times of trump)????
I feel that we need to hear lots of good, encouraging news about people, places and things that promote a sense of world community and oneness.
The above photo shows what is possible when the commitment to improving the world takes form.
On July 2, 66 MILLION trees were planted in India. 66 MILLION.
I can barely grasp the kind of organization, commitment, generosity of spirit and funds that was required to accomplish this feat. 
If this can be accomplished in India where resources and communications are much more limited than in Western nations, just imagine what could be done here. Trees can be an enormous help in reducing climate change. And we do not need governments to come together to accomplish a huge step forward in reducing green house gases. Just people and  a personal commitment to achieve good.

Next Up----- The ACLU is suing to fight the (most probably anti constitutional) request for all voter information data from the 50 states and territories. Yes, TT is having a hard time defending these voter restriction attempts.

As for creative juices are flowing. I've got a few new Fortuny pillows in the works.....

These are snippets of a gorgeous 1920's Fortuny fabric that I've been saving until I could feel design trends evolving to a more luxurious aesthetic. I've ordered the silk backing fabric and after many months of interviewing, I have found a new fabricator. The pattern below is a 1950's Fortuny that is an elusive cool yellow on the front and a warm buttery yellow on the reserve...

I've just found the perfect silvery gold silk for the backing.

Well, it's time for Jones and me to get to bed--busy day picking up stuff at auction house, etc.

Mary & Jones & Cole

Friday, July 7, 2017


I have been uneasy with my purchases of the past few months--I just couldn't put my finger on what was troubling me; so I took a couple of days to assess what I've been buying recently and to bring to light exactly what I have been questioning. Most of what I have bought has been great--no problems in that area. The items are (for the most part) unique--which is what I strive for; nevertheless, I've been dissatisfied when I walk into the shop--it should be making be happy and satisfied. But it is not.
As I was sitting in the garden with my morning coffee (God made coffee just for me, I'm sure), up popped an explanation. At first I discounted the nudge of truth and then I really concentrated. I've been only buying with one-half of my personality--the multi-cultural, multi-national person who loves super collected, precise antiques that are at home on The East Coast, The South or Europe. But there is the other side of me who loves more rustic pieces with deep patinas, great woods that have their history breaking through their surfaces; marble with the stains of a life well-lived. I think that's also pretty true for what I've been revealing of myself. As usual, the nudging revelations weren't just about what I've been buying--but about pushing me to be more revealing of my true nature. This is going to be a hard one as I'm a very private person, true introvert--but if I need to unfold, I guess I'm going to have to work on it. With growth we do have choices: to stay stuck and unfulfilled (not a great option) or to pay attention and go where we supposed to go.
Now that I'm off my soap box and to tie this into my new buying credo: It was early Wednesday morning when I had this growth inspiration and when I previewed my Thursday auction a bit later...........yep, there were several pieces that dovetailed perfectly with the steps that I need to take.
The table above and below is a mid-19th century French pine folding farm table. The moment I saw it, I knew that it was coming home with me. It doesn't adhere to my usual refinement check list, but it has great classic bones and it's 100% original--super patina and soul and it's a great size--about 74"w x 30"d.

Then I spied this stunning pair of 18th century rococo Swedish side chairs and my soul jumped (I have a thing for chairs, especially 18th c. chairs) I wanted these chairs so badly that I could envision their going into the back of the Explorer......

Next to catch my eye was this sweet 18th c. rococo Swedish table

The paint is not original (it has some age), but its an appropriate color--I love the hand forged hinges and curvy sexy legs.
When I arrived this morning just after the start of the auction, another antique Swede was appearing from beneath a pile of stuff and it looked like it had good bones--now the problem is that I really don't have room for all of this new furniture, but you've got to buy when the piece shows up.
I don't have good photos of this third table--just a couple that I managed to take of the base

It has its original black paint on the trestle base with a scrubbed pine plank top (couldn't reach to take photo)--I love old black painted Swedish pieces. (The French or English would never paint a piece black)
So the Swedish trestle table came home (actually Roberto will be picking this stuff up); the folding French table came home; and the 18th c. Swedish table came home...........
.............The swoon-worthy, to die for Swedish chairs went too high for me to make a reasonable profit. And I'm still sad.
The G20 is in full session and I am so ashamed of "Not My President". How can we ever hold up our heads? I pray that no secrets will be revealed to Putin during their meeting tomorrow. But also secretly relish the thought of him making a fool of himself and speeding up the eviction notice.

I need to get to bed as Mr. Jones and Mr. Cole are waiting.

Mary & Jones & Cole