Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I am so excited to close out 2014.........don't quite know why, but I started out on the wrong foot and never quite seemed to come into sync with the year. I think that I'm not alone in this.
We had far fewer Christmas decorations in many neighborhoods this year; the stores were really not as beautifully decorated nor merry as in past years; many of the people that I encountered this season were not as enthused about the Christmas Season as in the past. Wiffs of melancholy seemed to hover in the air.
I hope that 2015 brings a new fresh wind into our sails. A wind that will shine light into the areas that we all need to work on for growth--both personal and collective. A brisk wind that pushes towards truth and light.
I met a new blogger this year who has opened my eyes and heart. If you haven't yet visited I suggest that you hop on over. My heart beats stronger with every one of Ellie's post. 
And, of course, I am over-the-moon grateful for Miracle Mia and her continued healing--beating all expectations.
To my wonderful blogger buddies--thanks for your support (you know who you are).
Thank you all for stopping by for a little bit of antiques info...sometimes letting me get a little preachy. 


Jones sends love--he's going to the park tomorrow for sure (I'm running out of shoes for him to destroy)


Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I've written about my disastrous relationship with a new restorer a couple of times.....well, it has taken months to finally fix what THAT CHARLATAN said he did perfectly (I still have a couple things to redo.....)
But this charming period Louis XVI Ebonized Secretaire a Abattant is, at last, ready to make his appearance....I still think he's pretty grand despite the agony.

There are still a couple of spots waiting for Roberto, but the major fixing is all done.
This Secretaire a Abattant dates to c. 1780-90 and I love him. He retains most of his original hardware and fittings; there is the expected normal shrinkage due to age; inactive (read dead) worming and old wonderful exposed surfaces. The abattant has 3/4 round fluted columns on the the front corners and slender toupie feet. The leather is an old replacement as are the antique escutcheons--but the majority is original late 18th c. I had the piece ebonized--this would be appropriate for 18th c. pieces. This guy is so practical--he can fit into just about any interior (even the kitchen) And besides, every room needs a touch of black. (This one has the original key, too.)
He is the perfect size for a laptop; He's quite light; and I just love things like  this. What about a dressing table? Might work. Man's home office? And he can go face to face with modern without losing a beat.

Master Jones is infinitely better but still can't go to the PARK--so he's eating up a pair of shoes instead. Thanks for your prayers.

Well, it's late and I do have to get to bed!!
Sending blessings,
and Love

Mary & Jones & Cole

PS  Just one whiny note: If any of the political, environmental, animal welfare, etc. action sites that I am a member of ask me for one more donation, I think that I will lose my mind. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Our little family had a wonderful Christmas--photos show the little and not-so-little-any-more guys.

Yes, all six of them are little goof balls! We are all so incredibly blessed to have everyone healthy this year,

BUT I have a huge request: Mr. Jones is very very sick with an ear infection. Please pray that my faithful boy starts to get better. Fortunately, I've found a vet (my vet's on vacation) who is open tomorrow and will see him. He's already on antibiotics--but that ear needs to be taken care of ASAP.

I'm ready to start the NEW YEAR off with a bang and slam the door on this one (it has been quite a pain).

Be well.

Mary & Jones & Sam

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Here is the latest photo of Mia. She's sitting on her Dad's lap with older sister Lauren--helping to blow out the candles on her Dad's birthday cake.
She is our miracle girl and she is doing so so so well.
She has even grown a bit without hormone therapy and is starting to slim down. The steroids seems to be normalizing!!
We'll be celebrating Christmas Eve and keeping it very low key in honor of Emily. But there is still much to put us all in a thankful spirit.
Wishing everyone a joyous and blessed Christmas.

Mary & Jones & Cole

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I have collected antique brass candlesticks since I saw my very first pair when I was 21 (I guess it was earlier, as my mother had several pairs)--I fell in love and it almost became an addiction. When I lived in Spain I collected Spanish 17th c. and 18th c. brass candlesticks and then, when I returned to the US, I collected American 18th and early 19th c. sticks. Being the antiques dealer that I am, and no longer attached to things (I like to find stuff and then send it on its way), I sold those collections--keeping only the miniatures. (My wonderful sweet daughter has a few)
My latest collection is this assortment of early 18th c. French brass candlesticks--a couple of pairs and some singles.
First, a bit of insight into a few details regarding antique brass candlesticks. THE MOST IMPORTANT (for me) feature is the underside of the stick

All antique brass sticks should look something like the above shots. The baluster is cast separately from the base. The "screw" has a very large diameter and the threading is hand turned with wide separations.
NEXT DETAIL: The stick should be completely vertical--no leaning (which is caused by stick being dropped).
AND FINALLY: No discernible restorations. WEAR is OK as these centuries old pieces were usually polished to a fine shine innumerable times.

All of the candlesticks that I'm showing conform to these 3 primary requirements. And at one time, they were all silvered--the silver has been polished off over the centuries, but traces of it remain on the bottoms.

Here are my guys:

Pair Louis XIV/Regence sticks c. 1730:

Pair Louis XV Sticks c. 1740-50

Single Louis XV Candlestick, c. 1760

Single LouisXIV/Regence Candlestick, c. 1730-40

Single Louis XV Candlestick c. 1740-50

Detail photos and descriptions of all of the sticks are on (either under "Lighting" or "Objects". For my treasured readers, I'm offering 20% off the listed prices (and they are all priced below comparable Ebay listings). Shipping and packing are about $25.00 for FEDEX 2 day shipping and they'll make it by Christmas if mailed by Saturday--I'll cover the balance). Simply contact me using the link at lower left of listing page and I will make the pricing adjustments--Paypal and CC are accepted, or direct deposits to my Bank of America account also work.
I know that it's a little late, my apologies--just didn't have my thinking cap on.

Jones is much, much better--getting his hair cut and spa treatment on Saturday. 

Blessing for this Christmas Season!!

Mary & Jones & Cole

Monday, December 15, 2014


As we all know (or are painfully learning) life is all about personal choices.  Here we have a photo of Cole looking so handsome in his Christmas sweater (he loves to wear clothes?? go figure....)  Cole made the conscious choice to look amazing for Christmas--those colors suited his black coat perfectly--and he knows it.  GREAT CHOICE COLE!! (ie., many treats for you)


Here we have Mini Beast in his Christmas Choice. Yep, that is a trash bag (complete with trash) around his middle. Just after I turned off the light last night and had hopped into bed, I heard a bit of rustling in the kitchen (I thought it was Andrew making coffee). Pretty soon, the rustling turned into clinking and clanging. Mini had waited until I had gone to bed (at least 3 hours after dinner) to go in search of the deliciously baked chicken skin that was in the trash. Well, I guess he found the delicious chicken--but got stuck wearing his new Christmas sweater.

BAD CHOICE, MINI. No treats for you!! 

..... So, as we close out 2014, let's all commit to making positive considered choices so that we don't end up wearing ____. This is directly from "Mini's Book of Wisdom."


Mary & Jones & Handsome Cole

Friday, December 12, 2014


We are having a gloriously rainy day. I know that you East Coasters and all parts west of Utah can't quite imagine what this means to us--rain starved Westerners that we are.  I feel like going out with my umbrella and Jones, but he's still recovering--so we'll stay inside.

This guy looks a bit like Mini Beast (Mini is actually more handsome and infinitely fatter) this morning.

And, if I had my druthers, I'd be spending this rainy day in Paris!!

Have a wonderful day--rain or snow or sun (the sun is coming out right now!!)

Be well.

Mary & Jones & Cole

* Photos snatched from Google Images.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Yesterday I moved into a larger space at The Collection-Los Angeles.....I also reduced space in Pasadena. Today was just putting on the finishing touches. I retook some photos of a few of the items that I brought in.
Boy-----setting the stage, with proper (natural) lighting and space in which to move really makes for much better photos


The Collection


The Collection


The Collection

(The Marbro Chinese Celadon Lamp has a thick highly reflective glaze which is really hard to photograph) Oh, well, I'll learn how to photograph one of these days.
Jones is doing much better--putting some weight on his foot and whining about going to the park.

Have a super week (and it is already Wenesday?? How did that happen?)

Mary & Jones & Cole

Sunday, December 7, 2014


I went to see my friend Ryan Anderson's new shop ("SPACE 84")yesterday and I almost lost my marbles when I saw this pair of beaded decorations.
Here are a couple of detail shots

My friend Susan (co-owner of the decorations) had sent me iphone photos of these guys and asked for my opinion--of course, the photos were of poor quality and I never imagined that the actual decorations would be this gorgeous. 
The bases of the decorations are large chunks of near gem quality rock crystal; the beading is composed of gem quality tiny coral branches with seed pearls, turquoise (I think it is actual turquoise) and (I think) faceted rock crystal beads (they could be simply faceted crystal-but I don't think so).
There is no indication of the maker and I'm guessing that the decorations date either to the 1960s or 40s--but not sure. I'm thinking French in origin??
Then I spied these REAL SHAGREEN nesting tables--and guess what? They are signed Karl Springer. Apparently very few examples of this table were made; and these are in very good condition. They are even faced with shagreen on the underside of the tables.
Aren't they gorgeous? (Those stripes are shadows)

My mouth is watering with desire. Ryan has many other fantastic offerings. I can't wait til Ryan has his website up and running and then I'll highlight more of his inventory.
We are moving into my larger space on La Cienega tomorrow; so I'd better get to bed.
Jones is doing much better. I cut off the soft cast yesterday and today he started putting a bit of weight on his injured foot........another two weeks and he should be as good as new!!
Be well.
Mary & Jones & Cole

******** Ryan's shop is SPACE 84 (in the Pasadena Antique Center Square)--20 East Bellevue, Pasadena, CA 91105 ********

Wednesday, December 3, 2014




BUT HE HASN'T CHEWED OFF THE SOFT CAST; SO I GUESS WE ARE GOOD UNTIL IT COMES OFF ON FRIDAY. (Of course, he is on tranquilizers and pain pills; so he's not really himself)

I don't think he'll be able to be groomed on Saturday and he is about as shaggy as I have ever seen him--and it's a three week wait for another appt.....

Our family is doing well and processing Emily's death.
The more that is uncovered, the more secure I am that there was nothing more that we could have done. Except love her.

Be well,
Mary & Jones & Cole