Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I have collected antique brass candlesticks since I saw my very first pair when I was 21 (I guess it was earlier, as my mother had several pairs)--I fell in love and it almost became an addiction. When I lived in Spain I collected Spanish 17th c. and 18th c. brass candlesticks and then, when I returned to the US, I collected American 18th and early 19th c. sticks. Being the antiques dealer that I am, and no longer attached to things (I like to find stuff and then send it on its way), I sold those collections--keeping only the miniatures. (My wonderful sweet daughter has a few)
My latest collection is this assortment of early 18th c. French brass candlesticks--a couple of pairs and some singles.
First, a bit of insight into a few details regarding antique brass candlesticks. THE MOST IMPORTANT (for me) feature is the underside of the stick

All antique brass sticks should look something like the above shots. The baluster is cast separately from the base. The "screw" has a very large diameter and the threading is hand turned with wide separations.
NEXT DETAIL: The stick should be completely vertical--no leaning (which is caused by stick being dropped).
AND FINALLY: No discernible restorations. WEAR is OK as these centuries old pieces were usually polished to a fine shine innumerable times.

All of the candlesticks that I'm showing conform to these 3 primary requirements. And at one time, they were all silvered--the silver has been polished off over the centuries, but traces of it remain on the bottoms.

Here are my guys:

Pair Louis XIV/Regence sticks c. 1730:

Pair Louis XV Sticks c. 1740-50

Single Louis XV Candlestick, c. 1760

Single LouisXIV/Regence Candlestick, c. 1730-40

Single Louis XV Candlestick c. 1740-50

Detail photos and descriptions of all of the sticks are on (either under "Lighting" or "Objects". For my treasured readers, I'm offering 20% off the listed prices (and they are all priced below comparable Ebay listings). Shipping and packing are about $25.00 for FEDEX 2 day shipping and they'll make it by Christmas if mailed by Saturday--I'll cover the balance). Simply contact me using the link at lower left of listing page and I will make the pricing adjustments--Paypal and CC are accepted, or direct deposits to my Bank of America account also work.
I know that it's a little late, my apologies--just didn't have my thinking cap on.

Jones is much, much better--getting his hair cut and spa treatment on Saturday. 

Blessing for this Christmas Season!!

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. These are gorgeous Mary and I put them up on my site!
    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi Karena, Thank you soooo much! Hope that Christmas preparations are smooth and effortless. I haven't started wrapping yet--but it will happen. xoxoxo Mary

  2. I always like seeing the underside, too!

    1. Hi Gesbi, Yep, beauty is in the eye of the beholder--bottoms up and Merry Christmas.
      xoxox Mary

  3. What a stunning collection! It's so dark this time of year. I can imagine the entire collection lit - so festive. Merry Christmas, Mary! Warm greetings to you and yours ~

    1. Hi Loi,
      Merry Christmas!! I'm just about to start cooking. We are keeping it simple this year.
      Blessings for 2015, too! xoxo Mary