Sunday, August 25, 2019


 I just cannot resist when a space became available next to me, I grabbed it. Just for reference, I redid a space a couple of weeks previously using the screen (see below) 

So now the screen backs the new space, being the link between my yin&yang colors. With this new space, I wanted to bring out my traditional side (hence the mauve and gilt frames and fine traditional antiques) facing off against the intense warm yellow to highlight black & white abstracts and other work on paper along with modern or high level 20th c. furniture.

And my wild side...........

I still have to finished hanging art, etc. But it's coming.....
Of course, this new space required that I completely redo the other (packed) 1200 sq. feet; so Roberto and I have been busy. Amazingly, but true to what I've learned about energy movement, as soon as I moved everything around--sales went through the roof. So with that inspiration, last Thursday and Friday, I put about 10-12 hours into reorganizing my 1stdibs and Chairish sites and yesterday, Saturday, 1stdibs took off. So now I know exactly what to do when things get a little slow.

I have no idea where the desire for stools came from, but I have three new ones that required spiffying up. Lalo graciously came to the rescue, along with three serendipitous (favorite concept) fabric finds.

I think that I have already talked about this great walnut George I stool (c.1720) that came upholstered in a dated 1920s needlepoint which did nothing for the stool....... 

Lalo brought back the stool last week in the 17th c. flemish tapestry fragment--now we're talking.

(I have been obsessing over what to do with the rest of the tapestry fragment--hate to waste anything with a 350 year history. A new designer came in yesterday looked at the tapestry fragment and bought it for more than what I had paid!! Serendipity)

I bought this little 18th c. footstool a few months ago thinking that I could get the stained leather dyed.....

But nobody wanted to dye it; so.........

I went through my fabrics and found the remnant of Scalamandre "Le Tigre" that I knew I still had.......and Eureka!! The stool shimmers.

And last up: Boring mid-19th c. French small ottoman. I knew I could make it fun, but how??

I won a long Kuba cloth runner on Ebay that I thought would be great--but then decided that would be something too Boho and a style past its prime. And then I came across (my favorite!!) Clarence House "Equus" Belgium Linen reduced from $295/yard to $19/yard......I bought 10 yards!!! And here are the before and after photos.

And voila!!!

Just add a silver tray and you have a coffee table.

Sending blessings for the coming week. Can't believe that Labor Day is next week-end. The summer has sped by so quickly. But those of us in Southern California still have 2 more months of heat. And I can't wait 'til its cashmere weather.

Mary & Cole

Monday, August 5, 2019


The restored lids came back two days ago and the jars sold that afternoon (I wasn't quite ready to see them go)!!!! Here's a photo of one little section of my shop and the jars make everything stand out.
Thank you Albert for helping me to figure out exactly what they are. Still think that they have a Dutch shape........
Life has been super busy--We've been blessed by some fantastic this period George II carved walnut stool that dates to c.1720.....and I haven't needed to do any restorations to the stool.

The acanthus leaf carving on the knees is first rate as are the trifed feet and stretcher. The needlework upholstery is date 1921; so I decided that I need period tapestry to reupholster the stool....another quest.  I must truly be in the flow: last Thursday a large (60" x 80") 17th c. Flemish verdure tapestry fragment came to the block. (Like this w/o border)

(When I had previewed the day before, I estimated that the fragment would sell for about $600-$900)  I brought the textile home for $145 and now I have another problem:I don't want to cut it up! (But I will)

I've bought some fun funky things, too---antique French (?) cement acorn finials and a little French faux bois table....

It's this pair of antique tin tile clad cubes that is drawing the most attention....

The cubes would make super eye-catching brutalist coffee or side table bases--just add the glass top of your choice.

But it's not all rosy, I think a friend of mine is intentionally competing against me at auction since I won the large 18th c. French round table over his bid. I have not been able to buy any French or Italian items, especially chests of drawers---they are all going to Fred. And I need chests of drawers.
I didn't get this beauty (late 18th c. Italian Neoclassical).

And this simple little, but charming, Biedermeier chest of drawers went to Fred also

I think I will have to develop a new bidding strategy at "My Auction" when it comes to period French or Italian furniture (Get Gerry to phone bid??) 

Well, it's late and I have a super busy day tomorrow.

I am beyond feeling any more. I am all dried up when I think about the three mass shootings in a 7-day period. Three mass shooting by young, estranged white males........ there is nothing more to say--except pray for the families of those killed and pray for our nation--that we be returned to governance by those that are committed to justice and justness (not the same thing), committed to true Democracy where the well-being of actual citizens takes precedence over all other considerations.

Sending blessings for the week.

Mary & Cole