Thursday, September 27, 2018

THIS AND THAT---and it's mainly THAT and some finds!!

I love this painting. It's 20th c. Mexican--I don't know the artist. there might be a signature, but it's not important to me at this point. With the possible confirmation of an unworthy-for-office candidate, a candidate who has possibly committed felonies and who has misled (that's the most gentle word that I know) the Senate Judiciary Committee, looming during the tomorrow crucial hearings and with members of the Senate refusing to do their jobs, I long for a return to that point in time where life was less complicated, where the good guys stood together to do what was in the best interests of the country.  Yes, that is Adam in the Garden--note Eve has not arrived on the scene yet; Eve could not be made a scape goat nor be intimidated and bullied not to testify.

A time when women were honored

A time when man was not busy destroying the earth and then refusing to believe the reality.......

This is why I'm voting: 1. My vote does count. 2. My voice is heard. 3. I'm exhausted from bearing witness to a group of men (who have no qualms about intimidating a witness) push through their narrow agenda which has proven numerous times to be against the best interests of our country. Women and their bodies matter. Our health care matters. The middle class matters. Public schools matter. I could go on and on and on. Bottom line: WE ALL MATTER

OK--I'm Off the Podium...........
Our buying has been a bit serendipitous. For example the ribbon-back they are in the shop. Roberto hasn't come to spiff them up yet, but they still look pretty great (not a California look).

Sets of 8 are hard to find and this style is just beginning to come back into vogue.

G found these guys---how can you pass up great country French pieces--and they are a pair!! (some one will probably come in tomorrow and want only one!!!) Roberto will get them cleaned and waxed and they will be set to go........pairs are always great and very unusual.
And finally--haven't been buying at auction lately. Except for this great 20th c. oil is jar with an iron lizard applied for decoration. I need to bring in more  earthy (but highly decorative) pieces; so this jar is making me happy. And I can't resist animals, even lizards....

Tomorrow is another busy one.....I need itlllll Sales have been a little off.

Sending blessings for the week.
Mary Jones & Cole

Monday, September 17, 2018

BACK TO THE HUNT--My Addiction: Chairs

Moving on from The Deco Consoles.
G. was shopping at the Long Beach Swap Meet this morning.......he sent me this photo of a bronze fountain that caught his eye. I took a quick look and immediately thought: "what about those chairs?"

(The fountain is probably late 20th c. copy and perhaps Mexican--good, but not great). But those chairs.....Italian/Venetian ribbon back dining chairs with a patinated painted surface.......G. is not addicted to chairs like I am. When G. inquired about the chairs, guess what? There were 8 of them: 2  w/arms and 6 side chairs. Sets of 8 chairs are super desirable. These chairs are not an "in" LA design object-of-desire--but they definitely are in the South and especially Texas.
I love old painted surfaces--original patination so that the soul of the piece is exposed. And this set has super patination. I wouldn't choose this particular upholstery fabric, but it's a good neutral and in super condition. Of course, the chairs went home with Gerry.....
Here's another photo--it's pretty early in the morning, which is when you still have some bargains left at the swap meet.

I love them and they will be perfect with my period c. 1810-20 Louis XVI walnut dining table. I love  mixing unmatched styles--as long as the quality and decorative value of the pieces is equal and balanced, it all comes together.

Here are a couple of example of similar chairs that I found in 1stdibs

The set of 6 chairs is a bit older than the chairs we bought, but quite similar in form.
I'll post detail photos of the chairs when they get to shop.

Sending blessing for the last week of summer...hopefully we'll get a bit of autumn weather in the next couple of weeks. Can't wait!!

Mary & Jones & Cole

Friday, September 14, 2018

FINALLY THE DECO CONSOLES ARE IN PLACE................still a bit more to go on those feet.....

And here they are. Roberto went to pick the consoles up yesterday afternoon.....of course, they were not ready--the feet still needed to be lacquered!! It is amazing that with all of our modern technology and ease of communication, no one called to say that the consoles weren't quite ready to be picked up. Could be worse--Roberto can finish the feet and then they will be all set to go.

The new marble tops are spectacular. G has a great eye and spotted the perfect marble amongst hundreds of marble slabs. Of course, you never really know exactly how a piece will turn out until the moment all of the parts are made one. I'm very happy with the outcome. (The consoles measure 45"w x 15"d x 30"h)

Didn't go to auction this floor space and a lack of desire. 

Sending blessings for the last summer week-end.

Mary & Jones & Cole

Monday, September 10, 2018




Well it's only been 10 months and many more $$$ than I had imagined spending at the outset of this journey.......but the French Deco Consoles are finally ready (of course there is always a "but"--Camilo forgot to add the little platform feet--hopefully those will go on tomorrow and Roberto will pick them up....
But I'm still in love with them. They are attributed to Alfred Porteneuve, nephew of the famous Ruhlman, The tops have been restored, but the bases have simply been refinished. The original macassar ebony was in overall good condition, but the tops had to have their macassar veneer replaced and, fortunately, Camilo was able to match it. The marble is also a restoration, but period authentic.

Sending blessing for the last few days of summer.

Mary & Jones & Cole

Monday, September 3, 2018


This has been and (most probably) will be my most intense object of desire. Being an antiques dealer and passionate about what I do, there are certain objects that come across my path a limited number of times...this example of an 18th c. English Secretary is one of those items. Of course, its the ORIGINAL RED LACQUER JAPANNED (CHINOISERIE) SURFACE............ the condition is amazing; the design is to die for; the elegant form of the secretary itself--it even has candle pull outs. And it is in superb condition. It looks like the hardware is original, although I didn't really check it out in detail. I'm pretty sure it's not coming home with me--but a girl can wish.
Here are a few detail shots of the secretary--double sigh.

And did you notice the original mirrors?

Hope that Labor Day brought lots of Family and Fun time--I am ready for fall to start.

Blessing for the day.
Mary & Jones & Cole

Sunday, September 2, 2018


I grabbed this image from an Eckhart Tolle blog post.

This past Friday and Saturday were the Memorial Services of two great Americans--John McCain and Aretha Franklin. Both were towers of integrity in a world where light is struggling to break through the darkness of our political landscape.
I spent some personal time honoring them-- their courage to stand for what they believed in. And I realized that although I personally espouse their values, courage and commitment, I am far from actually making a difference. My promise to myself is to have more courage to fight for integrity in myself, our government and in the moment by moment choices I make over what I think, who I judge and to which type of discourse I contribute. Am I really making a positive impact or is it simply wishful thinking? 
Yes, life can be serious but when I remember the words of John McCain and the songs of Aretha, I can lighten up a bit. Aretha said it best: R-E-S-P-E-C-T and her tone was joyful, forceful and positive.

Happy Labor Day--Fall IS COMING.

Mary & Jones & Cole