Thursday, April 23, 2020

KINGSTON----i.e., I got nothing

Well......... I am now entering day No.39 of my being home. That's means home and that's it. No masks, no 6 feet, no immune system is super compromised so I simply can't go out. Soooooo I'm down to posting about my cat. Kingston has fought me all day for the computer---I guess he likes the warmth. He patiently waits beside me and the moment I leave the computer, he assumes either that position or one completely covering the key pad.

There might be some glimmer of hope on the horizon--take a look at this map

It looks like (if the data trend holds) California might consider opening up certain parts of the economy during the second week of May........Of course there is no guarantee about anything these days, but it does brighten my spirit just a bit.

Cole has been failing over the last couple of months--he is officially a very very old lab--almost 15. So we are living every moment to the fullest with him--he now gets treats and loves non-stop and boy!--has he become the most spoiled dog ever.

Wishing safety, care and blessings

Mary & Cole

Saturday, April 18, 2020


My first passion (after cars when I was 5) was jewelry. Living in Mexico gave me a huge advantage when it came to being exposed to magnificent gems and jewelry design. My mother and I would go shopping in the "Zona Rosa" in Mexico City--at the time this section of Mexico City had gorgeous shops--the jewelry stores were always my favorites....
......The Verdura designs far outstrip the jewelry designs that entralled me as a child...but the Zona Rosa played its part in training me eye to focus on beauty and form.
Here's another Verdura masterpiece--I think that the majority of Verdura designs were masterpieces.

Please stay safe; focus on beauty; focus on gratitude; focus on new growth; focus on our communities; focus on being a positive force---with just a tiny bit of light, darkness dissolves.

Blessings for the day.
Mary & Cole

Friday, April 17, 2020


I have always felt that I was a fairly patient person. But now I'm not so sure. I have not left the house since March 14 and I'm going just a bit nuts: I miss my peers; I miss the stimulation of my clients; I miss Roberto and worry about him and his family as I do not have any work to give him....... I miss being able to create; I miss my auction (almost to the point of having a full fledged withdrawal meltdown). I do not 
miss driving in LA traffic--that's about the only thing that I do not miss.
.........So I've been spending more time looking at very pretty things!! The Verdura piece above was commissioned by Dorothy Hirshon in the early 1940's. I think I need it to lift my lagging spirirts. YEP!!!, this might just do the trick and hold me over until we have good testing methodologies and a vaccine.

                                    # # # # # #

Now, I have caught up with things that were lagging....Sent the 18th c. Swedish Drop Front Secretary to Camilo (actually he picked it up and then took his family to the beach) to restore. 
Here is the secretary waiting for me at auction...

She looks pretty down-trodden and lonely. Here she is in my garage waiting for restoration

She looks even worse in the garage....but now I can show you the inside of the drop front, which is finely detailed in burl wood and is in excellent condition. It was a surprise to find that the fitted secretary section had not been painted. Good fortune did strike: all of the hardware (except the metal lid support) is original and I even have the key! Now to the last photo: once I could see the bottom of the secretary, it became evident that my puzzlement regarding the feet was spot-on. The front feet are old replacements---I knew that the back feet were bad replacements, but the front ones kinda looked OK. Camilo will replace all four feet; he'll carved a small section of the dentil molding that encircles the top section and there are couple of other areas that need a little help. When Camilo is finished, Roberto will match the painted surface.
When all spiffed up the Secretary will look similar to this one (I think this came from Tone-On-Tone, Loi Thai's shop in DC, as I recognize the topiaries)

I think this gorgeous secretary (which is superior to mine) is a one-piece; whereas mine is a two-piece. This example has a beautiful soft gray surface; mine has a scraped surface, which is also acceptable. I'll have Roberto soften the painted surface just a bit. But you get the idea. Thank you, Loi.

My thoughts are with New York and all of the parts of the world that are being devastated by COVID-19.
Prayers for our health and safety. I pray that we emerge with a renewed sense of community and purpose; with a restructuring of our priorities; with a renewed commitment to our communities.

Blessings for the day.

Mary & Cole

Sunday, April 12, 2020


(I grabbed this image from Habitually Chic--I don't think Heather will mind)

I'm sure just about everyone will agree that this Easter Sunday is one that we will remember, always.
No family gatherings, no Easter Egg hunts, no Church and so many other traditions from which we are abstaining are truly missed. Hopefully, next month will see the lifting of many "shelter-In-Place" directives.

Remember the meaning of Easter is the restoration of light and hope to the World. This year I pray that the true Spirit of Christ radiate within all of our hearts. The spirit of gratitude, of mercy and compassion, the spirit of love for our neighbors , the spirit of forgiveness, the spirit of joy and the power to overcome the world, as Christ did. I pray that God send forth a spirit of righteousness--a commitment to overcome and heal the damage wrought over the past years.