Thursday, September 26, 2019


I spied this divine antique Chinese cart or carriage wheel at Preview yesterday.........I was instinctively drawn to it. Most of the other Chinese cart wheels that I have seen are are very, very rustic and heavily degraded.
But not this guy, he retains his great waxed hardwood surface. I love the fact that he has been repaired with forged iron braces and that his forged iron rim has been retained.
The minute I saw him I sensed so many of the meanings of the circle--a mandala, the Buddhist and Hindu symbol of the universe or, in a dream, the dreamer's search for unity or completeness. It represents pregnancy either with child or with creativity; it represents the joy of existence and hope in what will be revealed; the potential of each individual.
I really didn't think that I stood much of a chance to bring him home......We bid against all of the heavy hitters in Los Angeles, i.e., Joel Chen, Blackman Cruz, etc. But I guess they just weren't interested.....and Gerry won with an incredibly low bid. I am so excited--over the years I have bought thousands of items, but this will always be one of my most treasured. 
The fall sky is with us now and it brings joy to my California heart.....Yeah!! I get to wear cashmere again. It's supposed to rain on Saturday and only get up to 69* or 70*--which definitely means a cashmere day.
I'm off to bed----sending blessings for the day.

Mary & Cole

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


I do not usually comment on another person's website offerings or their price points, but I am making an exception here.
This little silk bag/pouch probably cost about $10-$13 to fabricate in China.........It's is very classy and chic...............but REALLY......
............... $450?????

Tomorrow is, once again, preview day at my auction.
We cannot buy another darn thing.  Still need to sell big time.

Off to bed.......blessings to all.

Mary & Cole

Monday, September 16, 2019

BACK TO THURSDAY AUCTION--Some things You Must Buy

Gerry bought this amazing tapestry/rug last Thursday. It's a limited edition Leroy Neiman hand woven silk rug that measures about 48" x 36". Can you distinguish the scene? It's the New York Stock Exchange. This photo does not do it justice--it's truly gorgeous and the energy within the scene is palpable. It was pricey, but worth every penny.
And I bought this adorable brass faux bamboo bench...

Amazingly. this guy needs absolutely no work!!! Always a plus as you never know what misadventures you can experience once you start getting creative or restorative.........The upholstery is to die for and must have cost a small fortune when it was newly installed.

And finally, because we've been having a lot of luck with display cabinets, we bought this gorgeous pair of 1970s Mastercraft glass and brass display cabinets. Once again, no work required. Just moving to shop (which won't be that easy as they measure 36"w x 20"d x 84"h)----where there's a will there's a way.......
Sales have been a tad bit off lately--need a couple of prayers to complete some good sales this week, please.

Well, it's off to bed to start another week.....
Sending blessings.

Mary & Cole

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


This is what I saw at Costco on Monday???
Crazy--we are 3.75 months away from Christmas.

Enough said on this topic.

Sending Christmas Blessings.

Mary & Jones

Wednesday, September 4, 2019


We bought this sweet early 19th c. French walnut drop leaf table last week and had to spend a lot more than I had hoped to bring her home. It's a great table--54" round which means that it can squeeze in 6 for dinner. I'm not sure if it was just a high ticket day or if there is a definite trend brewing, but all French provincial antique furniture went super high. Single 19th c. walnut night stand sold for $600 and another sold for $550. Yikes--just a few months ago these would have sold for about $300/each. I also tried to purchase a small trumeau (very small, but very sweet) in its original blue-gray painted finish--but it went way too high for me. The return of solid French provincial pieces to main stream design would make me very happy, even if I will have to pay more. There is a richness to good country pieces with their original paint and patina that cannot be matched. The layering of textures and mixing of styles adds so much character and warmth to any room. Plus these pieces mix perfectly with mid-century pieces.....add some gorgeous textiles--maybe a kuba cloth runner or two. Pillows in antique ticking? Voila--Haute Boheme or Boho chic depending on the level of pieces chosen.
Anyway, here are few more of my provincial pieces that have been waiting for a new home..........

Period late 18th century Louis XVI begere in original paint and period early 19th c. toile.

Late 18th century Swedish side chairs

Mid-19th century Faux Bamboo Abattant

Early 18th century Regence Bibliotheque (Bookcase)

Late 19th/early 20th century Faux Bois table or stool
with 19th century garden finials

 And maybe a pair of Bagues-attributed sconces to lighten up the dark wood.

Wish me luck tomorrow........hopefully prices won't be so high?!

Blessings for the new month--the sky is just beginning to turn that less-intense blue of fall skies.  But it is still super hot--today was a cool 104-105 at shop. And I melt in the heat. But we'll have a cool-down and then we are not supposed to have any more hot weather and slightly cooler than normal September and October.

I gave to hurricane relief today. The images that are coming from the Bahamas are horrendous. And to think that the storm was only 50 miles from the coast of Florida. I pray that our "not my president" can muster up enough spare change from his emoluments to rush aid to our close neighbors.

Sending blessings for the month.

Mary & Cole