Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I've written about my disastrous relationship with a new restorer a couple of times.....well, it has taken months to finally fix what THAT CHARLATAN said he did perfectly (I still have a couple things to redo.....)
But this charming period Louis XVI Ebonized Secretaire a Abattant is, at last, ready to make his appearance....I still think he's pretty grand despite the agony.

There are still a couple of spots waiting for Roberto, but the major fixing is all done.
This Secretaire a Abattant dates to c. 1780-90 and I love him. He retains most of his original hardware and fittings; there is the expected normal shrinkage due to age; inactive (read dead) worming and old wonderful exposed surfaces. The abattant has 3/4 round fluted columns on the the front corners and slender toupie feet. The leather is an old replacement as are the antique escutcheons--but the majority is original late 18th c. I had the piece ebonized--this would be appropriate for 18th c. pieces. This guy is so practical--he can fit into just about any interior (even the kitchen) And besides, every room needs a touch of black. (This one has the original key, too.)
He is the perfect size for a laptop; He's quite light; and I just love things like  this. What about a dressing table? Might work. Man's home office? And he can go face to face with modern without losing a beat.

Master Jones is infinitely better but still can't go to the PARK--so he's eating up a pair of shoes instead. Thanks for your prayers.

Well, it's late and I do have to get to bed!!
Sending blessings,
and Love

Mary & Jones & Cole

PS  Just one whiny note: If any of the political, environmental, animal welfare, etc. action sites that I am a member of ask me for one more donation, I think that I will lose my mind. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


  1. Mary this piece is just as gorgeous as it gets! I love ebonized finishes and as you mention this can work so well in many rooms!

    I am happy to hear that Jones is doing better!
    Take good care. I will be getting up a New Years post soon!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi Karena, THANK YOU. Yes, I think he's pretty special. Those touches of imperfection make him a bit more human.
      Sending New Year's Blessings and love,
      xoxo Mary