Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Roberto and Moises (Roberto's brother) started moving stuff bright and early Tuesday morning. The Tuscan consoles and Marbro alabaster lamps were the first pieces to be placed. I wish that I could have kept the space with only these objects in it.......... As it was, there wasn't quite enough room for everything; so the squeezing in took effect. I love the gallery look.........

Next came the Chinese Altar Table and Edo "Tales of Genji" screen plus the Marbro lamps.

I wish that I could have left these few pieces alone and by themselves--but that was impossible. When all was said and done, I didn't have enough room for everything, even using every inch avail able.

Today, Roberto hung what needed hanging and I, once again, directed traffic. Here's a close up of a section of one wall.

I think I'm happy. I've even sold a couple of things and have several things "on hold"--we'll see what turns up.

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