Friday, October 5, 2012

French Deco Glass Lamp

I decided not go go to auction yesterday...too many things on my plate and I needed to be in the shop. But I did take the time to photograph this wonderful example of French Deco glass that dates (probably) to the late 1930's that I bought last week. This particular piece happens to be signed Sevres glass (same name as the reknown porcelain manufacturer). 

I have sold several similar lamps by both baccarat and Daum, but these lamps never measured more than 8 inches in height (glass height). Shown below are 2 Daum glass pieces taken from these guys are in the 8 inch range:

From the photos it is appears that the quality of glass of my lamp is superior, but this could simply be the focus of the photos. What isn't quite so obvious is that my lamp measures an incredible 14 inches (glass section) in height as opposed to the circa 8 inches of the 1stdibs examples.

I love the fluidity of the amorphous design of this glass piece, the clarity of the glass and its impressive size. It does have a flake at the bottom and a small ding down near the bottom, but the piece is going out to be polished and these imperfections will become almost invisible (I always disclose restorations or repairs when selling an item). These minor restorations will slightly influence the price point, but not too much as the lamp is considered a decorative rather than a collectible item. I'm also taking the lamp to my super lamp maker who will fashion a custom electrical fitting.
Notice the original French electrical fitting hanging over to the side? It was secured to the lamp with what looks like a cork from a wine bottle!!! Wouldn't pass inspection here.
And finally, I think that I will pair the lamp to a black paper shade, with white lining (silver if available) to give the lamp more of a deco appearance.  
If you check on for pricing comparison, my lamp will be priced considerably less than these  much, much smaller lamps. I love it when one of my inventory items finds a quick home making some one happy; so I make the price point more accessible.   Hopefully, this beautiful piece of glass has a new owner all lined up. 

Jones says "hi"--we are taking some time off today: in Jones' mind this equals more time at the park. We'll see about that.
Wishing ya'll a perfect Fall week-end.
Mary and Jones (and Cole)


  1. The lamp is beautiful. I love how the pattern of the cord is reflected and distorted in the glass....

  2. Hi Liz,
    Yes, I love the way that each angle form a completely different shape. There is movement everywhere you look. Have a great week-end.

  3. Fabulous lamp Mary! It is a winner!

    Art by Karena

    1. Thanks Karena, it is such a temptation to take it home as it is far too heavy for little girls to pick up or big boys to take down (as with a football). xoxox