Wednesday, October 17, 2012



I have been on a three-month odyssey/ adventure/ hunt for a particular screw to replace two 18th c. screws on the oval George III/Regency Breakfast  table. I have been to hardware stores, Home Depot, antique specialty hardware stores, the name it, I've searched there. After 20 years (and more if you count the time I lived in Spain), I thought that I knew a little bit about most kinds of restorations, finishes, hardware, pulls, locks, etc. Turns out I knew (now I know a bit) nothing, I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about screws. Did you know that there are metal screws, dry wall screws, wood screws, cement screws, self drilling screws, metric screws, machine screws, American screws, European screws, etc., etc., etc.
Finally, after going to the famous Muff's antique and restoration hardware store in Orange, California, and after being totally humiliated regarding my screw ignorance, I learned that I needed a machine screw (they didn't have the right size). So today, I went back to Ace Hardware with the 18th c. fitting plate that needed the screw. I had three grown experienced hardware men helping me find the right screw (and they were bickering between themselves--I felt rather smug). Turns out I needed a METRIC MACHINE SCREW in a very odd size. Well, I bought 2 screws each in lengths of 2" and 1 3/4" for $5.00.


Now lets see if they fit. My life saver, Roberto, is coming next week to install the screws and then we'll have to sit down and get drunk celebrating our success.

Be well-love the journey.
Mary & Jones (& Cole)


  1. Mary quite the quest and can be so frustrating when you think that such and such store HAS to have these!

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  2. Who knew it would be such an adventure! At least you did not have to machine your own screw... a friend, who is a specialty mechanic restoring antique automobiles, will often have to machine the parts that need replacing from scratch...

    Why did you need the special screws anyways? What will they fix?

    1. Hi Liz,
      The screws are to affix the table top to the pedestal in such a way that the top will tilt when the leaver is pulled. Yes, my next step was to machine the screws.... Have a great week-end.