Tuesday, October 2, 2012



I think that you can see what I did Saturday night. I can't believe how much these little beauties have grown in the last 6 months!! Lauren (the athlete) is in kindergarten and is currently the principal (perhaps only) scorers on her soccer team. Kaia (the girly-girl) has already developed a sashay (sp?) to her walk and is a sweetie. And then there is Mia who just turned 2 a couple of weeks ago. Mia is still busy keeping up with her sisters, but she clearly has her own personality. We will see how this one develops--she loves to cuddle. I think she might hit six feet if she continues to grow as she has....not a bad thing.
Well, it hit 105* yesterday. Hopefully today will be summer's last hurrah and then we'll go back down to 80*s until next August. I just hate being brain dead. Can you imagine that Mini Beast wants to cuddle in this weather?
But I did make my trip to see Pam at Fine Details to start the process of making up the Fortuny Pillows. I went through my stash of fabrics and found the perfect backing silks for 9 Fortuny pillows and a pair of Scalamandre "Le Tigre" silk velvet pillows. This is clearly serendipity in play as I bought the silks over the past 3-4 years with no clear intent in mind. So that means 11 in progress. I had forgotten that Pam had some of my Fortuny so I ordered a gorgeous pair in a gold on cinnabar. It's a time consuming process to make the pillows, including the custom down inserts that have to be just the right size and heft for each fabric.
Patricia (PVE Blog) brought to mind that fact that there are five Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in October, which is apparently something of an oddity.
And suggested that we all become super productive with this unique configuration and accomplish FIVE goals each day. I'm going to attempt cleaning up the shop today, getting everything in order with fresh energy flowing in (good luck) and I will be super productive tomorrow as Roberto is coming (at least Roberto will be super productive) and I will be the super director.
At home: I finally found a housekeeper.
Have a wonderful Fall week filled with Super 5 creative days.
Mary and Jones


  1. Mary the girls are so adorable! Oh that heat, I am so glad for autumn!!

    I am having an amazing Giveaway of Plush Pumpkins from Love Feast!
    Art by Karena

    1. Hi Karena, I adore them!! I saw your giveaway; looks like a lot of fun. xoxo

  2. Mary,
    beautiful girls.
    Hope that Autumn cools things off and that your productivity soars on these 5 mon, tue, wed!
    Ha, we can all try our best and smile.

    1. Thank you! It's been hot this week....but moving forward. Can't wait til it is soup weather.