Saturday, December 22, 2012


I think that it is fairly obvious that Mr. Jones is feeling very guilty. The problem is that I haven't decided whether to forgive him or not.........Just look at the mess (messes) scattered all over the house. I think he's trying to tell me that he hasn't had enough exercise, but yeeeeeeeeez. And he is almost 6.5 years young. Standards aren't for everyone......I wonder why?

OOOPS.  Forgot to mention that the above photo shows the remnants of my new slippers....See what I mean? Should I forgive him?
Well, after being about a week off schedule the Paneling finally came down........

It looks pretty empty....

THE PANELING was installed at new location (this was an adventure in and of itself).
AND............most everything was moved to the new location yesterday.  TODAY is "arrange" day. My wonderfully talented daughter-in-law is coming to help me visualize and move stuff.  It will take a while before things are really settled....but life is a process.
And darn......MY ROBERTO is booked until January 2!!! 

Jones has returned to Daycare and he will be getting tons of exercise. No more bad dogs. 

Wish me luck.

Mary and Jones (& Cole)

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