Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Turquoise For Spring--New (Old) Fortuny Fabric

Spring...fresh, joyful colors, the glorious blues of the sky and robin's eggs, fresh new greens and pinks ...they all make my senses perk up with Inspiration.
This great length of vintage Fortuny, with it's turquoise background stamped with a Renaissance gold, would make a glorious summer dress.

I had been searching for about 2 years for a length of vintage Fortuny in exactly these colors. This example is dated 1961 and it is in mint unused condition...just a little wrinkled, but that will steam out. Vintage Fortuny in this condition is getting harder and harder to find and much more pricey than when I first started collecting. I love the intricate scrolling of the turquoise acanthus leaves and whimsical flowers.

This particular example (I haven't researched the pattern yet) has the wide section of scrolling vines and florals and is bordered by several vertical border elements. It will be fun designing pillows to maximize the uniqueness of the pattern.

I have a pickup scheduled with Pam this week and will bring this Fortuny find with me so that we can put our heads together to create a new pair of pillows. These particular pillows will be a bit more expensive than my usual price point to account for the additional cost of the Fortuny..... But they will be show stoppers.
Just imagine a room with the Opaline lamps picking up

the turquoise of the Fortuny. LOVE.

While I am loving our California Spring, my friend Missy, who lives near Annapolis, Maryland, just sent me photos of their home taken this morning. .....brrrrrrrrr.

I love living on the East Coast, but you just can't beat our weather.


Mary and Jones (& Cole)


  1. Dear Mary,
    I have an almost identical piece of fabric which (egads) I use as a throw over a loveseat. I really have no idea if it is Fortuny; I knew it has the look though!
    Art by Karena

    1. Hi Karena,
      Send me some photos of the throw and I will tell you if it is Fortuny or not.
      Enjoy it!!

  2. Those lamps are great!

    Ali of


    1. Thank you. It took me a long time to find a pair like this--the color is intense and the laurel leaf bases are unique. Thanks for visiting.