Friday, July 19, 2013


Yesterday was auction day....I woke up early as I had previewed the day before and knew there were a few things that I wanted to bid and that were coming up quite early. As I completed my morning mediation time, I realized that I felt as if I were in "The Zone".....yes, bidding at auction is quite a bit like an athlete's feeling of being in the zone--perhaps a deep connection to the moment (wish I always felt this way--working on it).
One of the first items to be brought to the block was to be a 1950's low slung sofa in very poor condition, was covered in 1950's Fortuny in the Maori pattern. Wish that I had thought to take a photos of the sofa....but just look at what I cut off the back of the sofa

This is almost two yards of "Maori" that dates to the mid-1950's. The blue color way is very desirable, especially right now as very ethereal, soft colors are being shown in many of the shelter magazine. 

These last two photos are detail shots of the Maori--as you can see, the fragment is faded, but still very beautiful and it retains quite a bit of the silvery gold overlay. The reverse is for comparison and I'm deciding whether to use the reverse for the pillows--maybe make two smaller pillows using the reverse?
And for the icing on the cake, just look what I had in my fabric stash............

Yes! A length of vintage silk that perfectly coordinates with the 1950's fabric. You're probably wondering if I bought a large sofa just for this length of vintage Fortuny?  Yep...and it was worth it. Good vintage Fortuny fabric is getting harder and harder to find and it is so much more beautiful than Fortuny created today. Although the current Fortuny Owners represent the fabric is identical to the original, it really isn't. (I left the sofa at the auction--what in the world would I ever do with a 7-8 ft. long sofa?)
I bought some other great items, but those will have to wait for another post.

Mia came through surgery just fine a short while ago. The surgeon said that the cyst "just fell away from the optic nerve"--I am so grateful; so many answered prayers. Mia and her parents are so far away in Tennessee, but I know that they are in the best hands.
Thank you for all of your prayers.

Be well.
Mary & Jones (and Cole--Luxie went home-poor Jones)


  1. Good morning, Mary -
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful news on Mia! I hope she will be able to return home to enjoy the rest of summer soon. As for the sofa, you are so clever :) Love it! The Fortuny fabric looks really ethereal as you stated. Do share photos of the final pillows. Enjoy your Sunday!

    1. Hi Loi, Oh, thank you!! Yes, I'll be sure to post photos of the pillows. Mia still needs many prayers.