Thursday, May 8, 2014

ODDS AND ENDS.........

NEWS TO ME..........

Who would have thought any sane person would promote SUGAR as gluten free!! I couldn't resist taking this photo in Albertson's on Sunday. I don't believe sugar has ever had any gluten in it!!! 

And now on to other odd news:

I found the three missing parts in a bag in which both Andrew and I had searched several times... leprechauns are the only answer I can come up with. Saves me about $300 and I am very very very grateful that those little Irish men put them back.

Painting progress


I love this pair of very unusual vintage McGuire tables: Parish-Hadley design aesthetics from the 1970's. Very preppy, beachy, Hamptons/East Coast--they have it all: folding chinoiserie campaign tables with tray tops. They even work as bedside tables......and they are in mint condition.

Well, Jones is calling me to bed.
Have a wonderful week-end; we'll check back in a couple of days.
Be well.



  1. Mary I am absolutely in love with the McGuire tables, I hate to even inquire as to the price.....fab beyond!

    Soiree by Danielle Rollins Giveaway!

  2. Hi Karena. I love your new photo!! Yes, these guys are keepers. I just sent you an email.
    xoxo Mary