Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Well, here he is. I was in a state of shock when Miguel brought the desk out to the car: I had not thought that the desk was a three-part--being a double pedestal with a separate top greatly increases the value of a campaign desk and makes the desk much easier to move. When I got him in, I went over him very carefully. As you may have suspected (from the attached tag), I took him to the shop--business is business.......and I'll find another desk for me.


Overall, the desk is in very good condition. The leather top shows wear to the surface only and I have a fantastic leather restorer who will restore the surface to an almost mint condition. The mahogany exhibits the desirable slight sun bleaching (I love it when mahogany turns this honey shade) and the brass detailing is all present. The desk is a great small size, measuring 47"w x 29"h x 30"d--perfect for a small study and perfect for military use. An interesting and unusual detail is that all of the drawers have installed top quality 19th c. locks with London stamps, but there are no key hole openings. I wonder if this was a custom piece and the intended owners liked the look of the drawer fronts without escutcheons?
I think that the migraine from waiting for the desk to come to the block was definitely worth the irritation. Blessings do seem to come to those that wait.
Tomorrow is Addiction Day, AGAIN. I really do not have room for a single thing, but I'd better check it out, nevertheless.

Mia started pre-school yesterday. Just an average little girl--not even a hint of what she has been through over the past 18 months--miracles and gratitude. She loved school--now she's a big girl, just like her sisters.

Be well.
Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Mary I do adore the desk. It is a fabulous piece and will bring a pretty penny!
    The girls are so adorable in their back to school outfits! Mia looks healthy as can be!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Hi Karena, Thank you--yes, my girls are so cute. xoxo Mary