Sunday, September 28, 2014


The past few months have been adventurous. Many moments have been an unfurling of Lotus petals. Almost as if I were revisiting situations where I haven't quite "gotten it right" (or majorly gotten it wrong) and being given the opportunity to approach situations with a new, more accepting and open posture...not unlike this beautiful Lotus blossom coming into bloom.....moving from holding on waaaaaay toooooooo tight....... 

To this blossom......

There's a sense of completion--not that this has all been easy (actually it's been kind of yucky), but definitely a time of preparation. I'm not quite sure what doors are opening. But this time around, I'm pretty sure that I can embrace the unknown as an adventure. I'm getting a little excited to figure this all out.....we'll see.

I'm still quite able to obsess over life's details...still need to work on this. Lately I'm obsessing over whether I should repaint and upholster this set of late 19th/early 20th c. Louis XVI-style dining chairs. 

They are really very nice French chairs (great fluted legs and carved backs and solid ash frames) but some one did a number on their paint job-----and to repaint and reupholster will be a pretty penny......On the other hand, I'm seeing painted Louis XVI-style chairs every where I look and I already have the Suzanne Kasler natural linen.....Oh, I wish there were 8 of the chairs...But I love the 90's French Indienne-style upholstery (which is still in absolutely MINT condition)...Or I could just flip them super fast on OKL......  clarity please!!
-------I'm open to suggestions and cheerleading.

Fall is definitely here--but we are slipping back into scorching summer for a few days next week.....Please pray for relief from California's intense drought.

(In case you missed the news: George Clooney and Amal were married in Venice this week-end. OOOOOY!)

Have a wonderful week.

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Mary, my suggestion would be to leave them as is and let the new owner decide on what kind of finish they may want on the wood. The fabric, the same, you know how many choices there are for designers and clients...let them choose otherwise your money, even with a classic solid linen may be spent for naught! (just me) Love them by the way!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi Karena,
      THANK YOU. I just sent you an email....I completely agree.
      xo Mary

  2. PS I have featured the chairs on my site, The Arts by Karena!

  3. Very beautiful form! How about just changing the fabric? I love simple, neutral linens. Happy Monday. xo

    1. Hi Loi, Yes, I thought about that, too......still pricey. My moment of clarity came just after writing the blog--I'll simply sell them as is and let the buyer have the fun of redoing them. Yes, they have great form--yummy if painted a Swedish blue/gray, too. Sending love and joy. xo Mary