Sunday, November 16, 2014


I know......why show the "ugly" underside first?? Well, to me this underside is absolutely GORGEOUS. I learn so much more about an antique piece of furniture if I can turn it over. This is a charming smallish late 18th c. (maybe), but definitely early 19th c. French Louis XVI commode. (That's Roberto standing beside her)

I just brought her in on Saturday. She is mahogany, but some one painted her from stem to stern in either the 1950's or 60's. The most acceptable method of painting commodes is to only paint the fronts or "showing" surfaces so that the age and construction of the piece are readily visible....but the painter only left the underside visible (and thank goodness he (probably not she) did.
I could strip the backside down to the bare wood (expensive and there would still be traces of the paint left in the grain), but I've decided to leave her "as found". She does retain her original hardware and locks (but not keyes). The drawer fronts are fielded and the fronts are very thick (good sign) with a thin gilt fillet outlining the fields. The same gold fillet outlines her sides. Note the thick uneven dovetails.
All in all, I think she's pretty cute. 

This has been one of those weeks......I cleaned out (am still organizing) my bedroom and office--it feels realy good and fresh. 
And I've spent time stretching and hopefully growing--not always the easiest of tasks. I'm getting ready (physically and spiritually) for the new, which I can just about feel bursting through. We'll see. The little Louis XV chest should be ready on Friday....I can't wait to see how the faux marble turned out.
Jones desperately needs to get his hair cut--hopefully I can get him squeezed in this week. But he is pretty cute shaggy, too.
Sending blessing for a fantastic week.

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Mary I am thrilled with this beautiful Louis XVI Commode, gorgeous!
    You are inspiring me with your burst of organizing!!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Well, I kept thinking that a miracle would happen and that the elves would come in and do it for me--however, that was not the case. xoxo

  3. What a treasure! That good! Great find, Mary. xoxo