Sunday, November 2, 2014

PROJECTS (and helpers)

Here's a shot of one of my project assistants--Mini Beast just loves to stay close so that he can keep an eye on me (just in case I might be making a trip to the cat food cupboard). Jones is always close, but he hates to have his picture taken......
When I brought the little 18th c. French commode home and really studied her,


I found traces of old paint. So my brain started envisioning what she would look like painted and I decided to take the plunge. I had never (and now I have) painted an 18th c. piece; so I knew that this would be a learning-on-the-go effort--and I promised that I would not berate myself if I had to redo some sections.
First, Andrew and I completely sanded and filled the shrinkage cracks and sanded again. The top is a 19th c. marriage; so we sanded down the sharper edges to a soft bevel--this takes time and patience I learned. 
I painted one drawer first (there will be at least two additional colors applied) with the Swedish(?) off-white (boy do I wish that Loi were here to coach me on colors) that I chose.

It was a first attempt--and I put too much paint on--I'll sand the surfaces to remove A LOT of the paint and I think it will be fine.
But--by the time I got around to painting the sides, my head and hand were working better (I also watered down the paint)

The bottom front panel has a little centered detail which the darker green/blue/gray will pick out nicely with the second and third coats.

My wonderful painter, Sharon, will apply a faux marble finish to the top. Probably a very subtle marble and then she will apply the faux patination to the entire commode. This last step is tricky and I'm not going to go there.

I am so immensely grateful. We had a deep soaking rain Friday night into Saturday morning (at times it really poured). And right on schedule, the rain stopped just before I had to head out the door to shop. We need many many more rains like this to bring our lakes and water table to any where near normal. Please keep California (and the entire West) in your prayers.

Well, I'm off to start painting again. Wish me luck.
Blessings for a beautiful week.

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Oh Mary, YES! I hope to share on my blog a little more of my home sometime, because I have a gem of a table somewhat like yours here.....I found it in the trash of an antique warehouse near my home. I scooped it up immediately and painted it GOLD, then lighted slathered a coat of Annie Sloan white over it. I waxed it and you'd think it was a gilded antique. HOW FUN is your project!

    Many thanks for coming by to leave me a comment. Enjoy your day and IMAGINE! Anita

    1. Yes, I do dream. Thank you for stopping in your busy day to read my blog. Wishing you a fantastic November!!

  2. Mary I am so excited to see the finish of this this gorgeous piece. Let me know when it is completed and I will post it!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi Karena, Hopefully this little guy will be completed (if I don't get distract by something else) today--Roberto needs to do a little work on her on Wednesday!
      xoxox Mary