Friday, January 9, 2015


Anyone who really, really knows me is aware of the fact that my paper work habits are not good. In fact, they are pretty abysmal. Regarding inventory, restorations, authenticity, shipping, client relationships---I am a perfectionist. But this year (despite my paper work issues, ie., panic attacks) I am determined to rework my brain into better patterns. 
As I was reading the blog "Cococozy", I was struck by this image--now I am not a minimal Swedish design person, although I love many of the elements.

A couple of weeks ago, I brought home from the shop this great 20th c. French solid walnut cabinet. I think that I'm on the same page....but the specifics are a bit different.

This cabinet would fit perfectly into the "Cococozy" space. But it is quite a bit heavier ---and I can stash my "stuff" (as in mess) behind the mesh front doors. Although this piece appears to be much larger than the Swedish open space, it simply allows for much more storage in the same amount of space (and lets me be messy which is nearly impossible with minimalist interiors)--I have a vintage French saw horse base table created from 19th c. walnut shutters that I use as a desk.......not great, but kinda goes with the cabinet....... at least both pieces are walnut??
I know that I could "stage" the cabinet and take amazing photos of him, but NO, this guy is going to be my new assistant. And I do need one.

Jones is much better--but still battling with those ears!

Prayers to all of those that have been touched by the attacks in Paris. These acts were not about religion or faith. My prayer is that we can embrace the good in all of humanity standing united against all acts of barbarism.


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  1. Mary I love this new piece for your office! The lines are lovely. I think many of us have the "organization challenge" and it is on my list to improve for sure! Thankful that Jones is a bit better!
    Have a wonderful week!

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