Tuesday, July 21, 2015

17th c./18th c. IMAGINARY BIRDS & FLORA

These guys are definitely making me happy. I bought them last week at auction sight unseen (I didn't preview them); just went with my gut. And I love them. I suspected that they were 17th c., but really didn't know as the backs looked new from a distance. But they had simply been relined. (If I were to have them relined, the cost would be around $500--so I was given a gift)
I love interjecting animals and flora into a room--they add so much life and positive energy. I think that these paintings would look good in a modern room, as they are very angular and the black background adds just the needed counterpoint.
Here are a few detail shots

The original heavily oxidized stretcher is further indication of the age of the paintings--love it. I will be sad when these guys are sold (but hopefully the new owner will show up ASAP)

Sending blessing for a fantastic week with play time, and lazy summer days. I hope that the Northeast cools down pretty soon--you guys are not used to all that heat.

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Gorgeous, I love these majestic birds with the flora surrounding them! Mary you are finding quite the amazing pieces!! Yes, hotter than ever her, stormed yesterday morning and then the temp shot right back up when the sun came out!!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi karena, After super close inspection at shop today, I think that they are 19thc/early20th c.
      But I still love them---so decorative. Stay cool, my friend!!

  2. Beautiful! I can see this pair flanking a doorway or fireplace. Hope you are enjoying your summer, Mary. Cheers