Tuesday, December 1, 2015


This pair is on its way out the door

One of the problems with selling well (and I am infinitely grateful for the sales of the past month) is that one must "Hunt Harder"..........so I was at my auction bright and early this morning checking out what is coming up on Thursday. There is quite a bit of stuff (and it is all stuff)....
This trio of original Tommy Parzinger tables--love the bottom yellow leather covered coffee table. The pair of side table is nice, also--but a bit too "grandmotherly" for me. Roberto can fix all of the imperfections; so now all I need is for me to be the only bidder--wouldn't that be nice.

But there are more goodies,

How can I pass up this brutalist iron rooster?

Or these antique bronze castings--probably not Roman, but definitely not new.
And, of course, there always has to be a piece-de-resistance--an original Serge Roche Palm Tree Torchere or floor lamp

As you can see, there is a crack to the plaster, but Roberto can fix it!! This piece will probably draw big money, but you just never know.......

And then there is this large 20th century copper wine or champagne bucket

And finally this amorphous carved marble abstract sculpture.

I'll just have to bide my time and sit in a non-obvious spot and see what happens.

Took Jones to the park tonight and it was 48* which is a bit chilly to spend an hour at the park. But Jones loved it, even played with puppies. He's back to his former self and full of the beans.

Wishing the best for a wonderful December.

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Great finds, very unique and I love the torchiere Mary!
    You have such a great eye!

    The Arts by Karena
    Books for the Holidays!.

  2. Hi Karena!!! Hope that December brings tons of blessings. xoxo Mary