Saturday, December 31, 2016


This is Jones at work: giving me the "I'm ready to go home" look.........but this is also the look that I'll be getting all night plus his attempts (in vain) to sit in my lap. Jones has become terrified of fireworks and we are going to have a lot tonight. (Jones measures 28" at his shoulder and about 33" at the top of his head so sitting in my lap definitely poses structural challenges--he has already had his doggie downers--not working)
Leaving Jones' neurotic behavior aside, 2016 was a good year (excepting The Trump (liar, liar) disaster) for me and MJH DesignArts. I am immensely grateful--my buying patterns have become more spontaneous and I am definitely seeing the results. The move in November was another good decision and sales have definitely benefitted.
Looking to 2017? Well, my top priority will be to work towards removing Trump from office. I'm not exactly sure what format my actions will take, but I cannot allow our nation to be taken down standing on the sidelines. As far as I know, Russia is still our greatest threat; we did not elect the Trumpettes (Donald's children); we need to actively support the United Nations and NATO; Presidents are prohibited from taking any form of renumeration from foreign entities because of possible conflict of interests undue influence; Social Security/Medicare are not entitlements (we have paid for these budget items) and the list goes on and on and on. Our country needs us to stand up and say NO.

But I also need to BUY!! So, for the first purchase of the year:

These Elk (?) antlers measure a large 37" in height and 26" wide.....I loved them at first sight. My Thursday auction house has been closed for three I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms.

Well, the fireworks have started up I must take care of my big baby.

Sending blessings for the New Year.

Mary, Jones & Cole 

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