Friday, December 2, 2016


I'm not a fan of artificial anything--plants, sugars, chemicals, flavorings preservatives--you name it, if it's artificial, I don't buy it.
..........But there is one exception: tole faux bamboo or tole palm trees (or the like) and we are not talking about small faux palm trees--were talking life-size palm trees. This superb pair of c. 1960's Maison Jansen attributed tole faux palm trees were at auction today and I set my sights on them. I knew that they would be pricey (anything similar lists on 1stdibs for over 4 figures)--but still I thought that I stood a chance. And today was one of those days when the auction dragged on and on--the objects of my desire were near the end of the auction--it was sizing up to be a long day. I thought that I might be lucky, as many times in the past I had been able to buy items that were positioned in that same location for much less than what they should have sold for.
The bidding started pretty low ($100) and I jumped in at about $350; up and up the bid went until it was just me versus Joel Chen's bidder (we are talking David vs. Goliath) and guess what??? Goliath dropped out at $1000 and I brought them home with the next bid. I am thrilled--next problem: they will not fit in my SUV. Perhaps the palm fronds come off the trunks??
Because I had to stay so long waiting for my trees, I decided to pay attention to the sleepers that were coming to the block. A "sleeper" is an item that is very good and highly saleable, but draws little attention when it comes up for bid. I bought a late Edo paper screen with scenes of Tales of Genji painted on gold leaf for $10!! Yes, that is t-e-n dollars. It has a couple of damaged spots, but I have a person who can repair the screen. Then a beautiful early 20th c. Weller "Louwelsa" vase came to the block--apparently, no pottery buyers were there, because it is also on its way to the shop. Tiny 4-5 inch Louwelsa vases list for about $140; this one is at least 12-15".
And finally, I admired a beautiful Amphora Austria early 20th c. Greco-Roman Krater style vase. I thought that I stood no chance of buying it--but I guess that, once again, no one was paying attention......lucky me. I am so grateful.  (Photos coming next week)
This week I was also fortunate in that I acquired a c.1960's Maison Jansen Savonarola chair. These chairs are very desirable and sell quickly (I admit: I had to buy a pair of Jansen-style tables in order to obtain the chair--but that's the way you play this crazy game). The detail photo at the end is of the gorgeous cast brass ram's head finial.

I am going to talk politics, AGAIN. I can't help but continue to voice my immense concern over the election results. Trump's cabinet picks and other choices of individuals placed into important government positions are, for the most part, awful. So much for change. I am busy signing petitions and donating to organization that are fighting for change and justice. Because of the internet and connectivity our individual voices united with others do make a difference. My goal is to stay informed and to make a difference.
Well, it's getting late--Jones is waiting for me and snoring away.

Blessings for the week-end--decorating, seeing friends and baking (my favorite holiday task).

Mary & Jones & Cole 


  1. Well you certainly gained a faux vacation under the palms...lotion, Mai Tai and the perfect black one piece bathing suit...ahhh, Kauai! On the other side of the white sand beach...have you signed the CHANGE.ORG petition asking for the Electoral College to vote for Hillary? Please do so, write about it please, spread the word any possible...WE ARE ALL 5 MINUTES FROM A MIRACLE.

    1. Yes, I've signed that petition and many, many others. And donated to the organizations that are going head-to-head with the Preside Elect (as saying his name hurts my soul). Perhaps a trip to a forgotten South Seas Island with my trees will help. Thanks for following my misadventures. xoxo Mary

  2. Those are fabulous! So chic!!! Anything Maison Jansen is hot!

    BTW, life has been crazy lately.

    I need to catch up with you, Mary. Will start with your blog posts.

    Sending lots of luv,

  3. Hi Loi, So glad that your schedule is easing up a bit. I have missed your embracing posts. Thanks for the kudos! Hope that everything is humming along. xoxoxo Mary